Elon Musk suspends the purchase of Twitter after learning that less than 5% of the accounts are false

(Logitech Gaming Software) – Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has taken a new twist: the Tesla founder has revealed the deal is “temporarily on hold”.

You seem to be concerned that spam or fake accounts only make up less than 5% of the social network’s daily active users. Supposedly, he estimated that figure to be much higher and part of his mission statement was to eliminate spam bots.

Twitter executives revealed the statistic during the company’s latest presentation, and now Musk is demanding proof before a purchase can proceed.

Twitter’s current board of directors also suggested that Musk’s plans for the platform could unsettle advertisers. Until the deal closes there is “potential uncertainty regarding our future plans and strategy,” he said.

Since the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter was approved, Elon Musk has outlined some controversial plans for the network.

It has publicly stated that it intends to lift existing lifetime bans, including the one placed on Donald Trump for repeated misuse, and invite extreme views back onto the platform. And he will change the punishments for those who break Twitter’s codes of practice to short-term suspensions.

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It could also charge companies for embedding tweets and even for having a verified account.

Written by Rick Henderson.