Electronic locks: are they safe for my home?

Advances in technology are applicable to all areas and, of course, also to home security.

Electronic locks represent an advance in access, but, what is the security level of electronic locks? Are they a perfect item?

Smart locks: how they can be opened

There is no single type of electric door lock, but there are several options and your opening method will depend system and installed equipment.

Between the different possibilities you have to open an electronic lock they find each other:

Numerical code marked with a keyboard installed outside the house. Keychain and/or proximity card. Fingerprints. Ocular retinas. Electronic keys. Remote controls. Via bluetooth with mobile application.

After COVID-19, there are even options that allow opening through facial recognition even with a mask.

If you are thinking of including these keyless locks in any of your properties, it is essential that know both the pros and cons of this equipment

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Advantages of electronic locks

you don’t need a key

It is the main advantage or, at least, the most recognized and practical. With these locks you can access your home without having to carry keys.

You can lock and unlock the door based on a programmed code or a mobile app, for example.

Programming of different codes

If you put one of these locks you can program several usage codes depending on the people who are going to access (yourself, your children, a temporary guest, etc.). Electronic locks allow you to generate codes with start and end. That is, they work for a certain time, so that it is more difficult to access them.

For places where very different people spend: hotels, airbnbs, etc. This option is a great advantage.

Ability to monitor your home

You can be connected to your home without being present. You can have the lock connected to your mobile and open and close it from anywhere.

This advantage is also ideal for those who have vacation homes and want to control access.

record history

Another great benefit that cannot be controlled with traditional locks.

Depending on the type of lock you install in your home, if it is connected to an application, it is possible that You can control the people who access via code. In this way you can count the number of entries, as well as the moment in which they accessed.

Disadvantages of smart locks


The installation of electronic locks has a much higher cost than traditional locks, or other types of security locks (antibumping, impressioning…). The fact of being connected by technology makes the product more expensive.

That is why, in general, this type of lock is not installed so much in private homes, but in hotels, for example.

battery faults

Normally when the battery is low the locks let you know and are easy to replace. But also faults may occur that prevent you from accessing the interior.

In these cases, if you do not have the spare key at hand, you will not be able to open the door.

Another battery-derived setback is lockups in the event of power outages.

Certain security issues

Electronic locks that allow opening via mobile can turn against you if your device is lost and/or stolen. It is because of that You should not rely only on access via App if you install these locks.

In the same way, be careful with the type of application you download. If it is an App with little security and/or reliability, it could be hacked.

Using the keyboard as a means of access

When the keyboard is used daily as a method of access to your home via electronic locks, a new inconvenience may arise: see what the access number is.

If, for example, you dial the input pattern multiple times every day, eventually the numbers will begin to dial or deteriorate, making it easier for intruders to gain access.

If you are going to have a keypad as the only way of entry for your smart lockthe smartest thing will be to change the numbering periodically to avoid this mishap.

Are smart locks worth it?

Smart locks are a great option to protect your properties, as long as they are treated as a security add-onand not as a single element.

Equip your home with an electric lock accompanied by a suitable alarm system, and other elements such as security cameras, deterrent plates, motion sensors, etc. The best option when it comes to equipping your home with security elements will be to contact experts in the field so that they can give you all kinds of details based on your specific needs.