Educate without labels

In childhood, children are like sponges and absorb everything they see, hear and feel. His reality, natural and healthy, is the one that is lived in his home, because he knows no other. This is why this stage is the most important to instill values ​​in them, as they will be marked for the rest of their lives. Many of us tell them to shut up, “how heavy they are”, without knowing that we are castrating them… perhaps later they will not know how to express themselves adequately and possibly develop low self-esteem.

We should not teach them not to insult a person of color, rather we should educate them not to insult anyone. We are all the same. Why do we teach them to respect a person with obesity? Rather, let’s educate without labels. Let us instruct not to mistreat anyone, regardless of gender, tastes, color, affinity, capacity. For the little ones there is no difference between one and the other, they repeat what they see around them.

In today’s society, due to the economic crisis, both parents must work and grandparents end up educating their grandchildren. The affective deficiencies are emerging in the little ones, due to the absence of their parents at certain times and they grow up as adults with low self-esteem, seeing patterns of behavior that they will repeat later. Grandparents are here to pamper and spoil their grandchildren, not to educate them.

Parents cannot be blamed, since they must work to provide for the home; but I believe that as citizens, we can request that labor parameters be modified, in order to be able to dedicate more time to our children. The education of the grandparents is not bad, but it is insufficient. They have already raised and it is their turn to rest. Today’s children must be raised with a modern mindset, open to new realities. We must be aware and teach them to respect without distinction.