Does the dog have to wear a muzzle on public transport?

All of us who have a dog as a pet have many doubts about what the rules are when moving with it on public transport, such as whether there is an obligation to muzzle it . Well, the regulations depend on each autonomous community and municipality. In any case, assistance dogs and guide dogs can get on public transport without any problem.

In cities like Madrid and Barcelona , we can travel with our dog on the subway. However, there are some hours when pets cannot access the facilities, usually the peak hours of early morning and late afternoon. In both cases it is mandatory that the dog wear the muzzle.

In the Bilbao metro , the dog does not have to wear a muzzle. Now, it is mandatory that it go in the arms of its owner and on a leash or in the carrier. In no case can you occupy a seat or touch the ground. The regulations prohibit access to the facilities to potentially dangerous dogs.

In most Spanish cities, only dogs that fit in a carrier can get on the bus.

In the case of commuter trains , dogs must wear a muzzle and be on a non-extendable leash, without the need for a carrier. Long-distance trains only allow access to dogs weighing up to 10 kilos, and they must travel in a carrier.

Cases in which the muzzle is not a good idea

Although in some cases the muzzle is mandatory to be able to travel with our dog on public transport, we must be very careful not to abuse it.

If, for example, it has the habit of stopping in the street to sniff and nibble everything in its path , it may seem to us that putting a muzzle on it so that it does not do so is a good option. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What we must do is solve the problem with training and education . Using a muzzle to solve a situation in which the animal is afraid or aggressive does not make any sense.

Of course, we shouldn't put the muzzle on him either if he stays home alone and causes damage. It is most likely a problem of separation anxiety , and the muzzle, far from solving it, can even make it worse.