Dating in the metaverse: Tinder's new business strategy

By Hannah Perez

Romantic dating in the metaverse? The parent company of Tinder and Hinger believes that virtual worlds will revolutionize the way we bond.


Romantic adventurers might no longer have to worry about sweaty palms or bad breath on a first date. In-person dating is about to become a thing of the past now that the creators of Tinder have laid out plans to take their matchmaking business into the metaverse.

Match Group , the company behind popular dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid , announced that it is working to expand its business into the metaverse and offer its users virtual dates and experiences to socialize and find a partner. The company unveiled the new strategy this week in a letter to investors.

" Like many in the technology realm, we believe that the metaverse will be the next evolution after the shift to the mobile phone ," Match said in the statement. The Texas-based company went on to present its vision of what it envisions to be the next trend among dating and social meeting apps.

It's relatively easy to imagine a virtual world in which avatars, often dressed in their favorite outfits, move around to meet new people and connect with others through games, entertainment, and shared experiences (just as people do in the real world). ).

Tinder metaverse to 'match' with your favorite avatar

Tinder 's parent company said digging into tech trends could help its users " make meaningful connections ." In this regard, Match noted that it hopes to focus on producing next-generation products, including building a dating metaverse.

The company also emphasized the potential that these developments may have to boost its business in the coming years. " This should offer us exciting opportunities and attract a new generation of digital users , and we believe we are well positioned to help lead dating and social discovery in that new world ," he said.

Match said it has already seen success in adopting metaverse social connection experiences within the South Korean market, so it plans to roll out the strategy initially in that region. The firm said in this regard that its Hyperconnect team " has a series of initiatives underway ", referring to the metaverse.

Hinge 's owner acquired Seoul-based social media company Hyperconnect last year. “Much more details, but we are preparing for this next evolution and are excited about its potential ,” added Match .

The next digital evolution in the metaverse presents us with many opportunities, and we are confident that we are positioned to capitalize on them. We believe that the future for Match Group is very bright.

A virtual world of dating with its own cryptocurrency

In addition to exploring technology trends, Match also announced plans to implement improvements to its Tinder and Hinge apps as it looks to expand its user base.

The creators of Tinder had already shared their interest in the metaverse in an earnings call in November. In the middle of last year, the company launched new features for its flagship app that included profile videos and real-time chat. All to provide users with “ more ways to express themselves ” and to “ find a partner ” through online dating.

But late in the year the company suggested it was ready to take those online interaction capabilities to the next level. As reviewed by Tech Crunch, Match revealed that it would expand to develop virtual experiences and an economy based on digital goods. The company's broad strategy would include its own digital currency, called Tinder Coins .

As DiarioBitcoin reported, in October of last year, Match launched its native cryptocurrency to offer users an alternative mechanism for the platform's paid products. Tinder Coins was first tested in the Australian market and later expanded to several countries in Europe, according to Tech Crunch. This year, the Tinder token is expected to be available in other markets globally.

The company's metaverse plans may include digital currency as the platform looks to expand its array of virtual products and services. The strategy of building its own dating metaverse could benefit Match , whose revenue has taken a hit in the face of the latest restrictions brought on by the Omicron variant and a general lack of appetite for physical socializing.

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