Danone advises former minister Laya just seven months after being dismissed

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arantxa González Laya, continues to chart her new career path. Thus, seven months after being fired by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, she has reached an agreement with the multinational dairy company, Danone, to become in external counselor and help to achieve the objectives that the company has set. The minister -who during her mandate at the head of Foreign Affairs showed predisposition for the cause of the Saharawi people- lands in a company that in recent months has been involved in controversy, for not having followed the strategy of the rest of the Western companies of abandoning Russia for the invasion it is perpetrating on Ukraine.

“Danone Global has become an ‘Enterprise Ambition’ in France, which is a process by which the company is sought to be linked economically and socially. French law allows this to be carried out through the modification of the statutes. González Laya is an advisor to an external committee of Danone Global where there are ten more people so that the company can fulfill that marked purpose of being an ‘Enterprise Ambition'”, say sources from the multinational, who emphasize that said signing has nothing to do with the brand in Spain, but with the company at a global level.

This new position makes him compatible today with that of dean of the Paris School of International Affairs (which belongs to the prestigious French University of Political Science Science Po). In addition, the minister also has, or would have had, contractual relations with the School of Transnational Governance and the thinktank European House, as stated in the Transparency Portal of the General State Administration (AGE). In this way, Gonzalez Laya reorients his professional career after his hasty departure from the Executive in July. He had previously worked at the European Commission, at the World Trade Organization, at the United Nations and at the International Trade Center.

The last revolving door: Danone file as external adviser to former minister Laya. Europa Press

However, despite her favorable employment situation, the former minister is still immersed in a judicial process for having given the green light to the reception of the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Gali, in Spain through methods of dubious legality. In fact, last March, Judge Rafael Lasala filed the investigation for the former chief of staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Camilo Villarino, but he rejected the request of the State Attorney to close the proceedings for Laya. So, for now, the former minister will continue to be charged for prevariance.

“From ‘chief’ of Gaming at the Ministry of Finance to signing up for a betting lobby”

The former minister is not the only one who in recent weeks has sought a new job arrangement in the private sector. Juan Garcia Espinosa, who was the General Director of Gaming Regulation at the Ministry of Finance, has given his professional career a swerve by signing up for a betting lobby in the United Kingdom, called ‘The Betting and Gaming Council’. Along with him, other senior officials have followed a similar fate, such as the former chief of staff of the Prime Minister, Ivan Roundwho has returned to his political consultant, the former Secretary of State for Communication, Miguel Ángel Oliver, who has signed, again, for Mediaset or the former director of economic information of the Presidency of the Government, Daniel Fuentes, who is now in the public affairs consultancy, Kreab.

But among all of them, the former vice president stands out. paul churches, which is one of the most prominent in the Transparency Portal for its private activity. Thus, the former vice president is present on Display Connectors (creator of his podcast La Base), TV3, CN5.com (a television channel in Argentina), the Hamilton Foundation, the newspapers Gara and Contexto, the radio stations Cadena SER and Rac 1 and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) in Barcelona, ​​where he is a researcher.