Cristina Ruiz resigns as CEO of Indra TI

Luis Abril, appointed executive director, replaces Ruiz at the head of Minsait


Cristina Ruiz has submitted her resignation as CEO of Indra TI to the company’s board of directors, held this afternoon in Madrid, sources familiar with the decision informed Europa Press.

Ruiz, who was in charge of the Information Technology (IT) area of ​​the company and the consulting subsidiary Minsait, has resigned for “personal reasons” and the highest governing body has accepted the resignation and thanked him for his work. valuable contribution in his 11 years of experience in the group currently chaired by Marc Murtra.

The news has been advanced by the portal ‘Hispanidad.com’.

At the same time, the board has appointed Luis Abril executive director and head of Minsait. Since 2017, Abril was responsible for Energy, Industry, Consumption and Business Management Solutions in the company. In 2021 he also assumed the responsibilities of the ‘Phygital’ (IoT, IT-OT) and Product areas.

With the departure of Cristina Ruiz from Indra, the governance model designed after the departure of the previous president, Fernando Abril-Martorell, in May 2021, is partially dismantled, with two supportive CEOs at the head of the businesses: Cristina Ruiz in the area of TI and Ignacio Mataix in Transport and Defense (T&D), the group’s most profitable division. Mataix conserves for the moment the attributions of him.

After the Government’s decision to increase the Defense budget and the announcement by the State Industrial Participation Company (SEPI) to increase its stake in Indra from 18.7% to 28%, the underlying idea is that it would be advisable to reinforce the role of the group as ‘Spanish champion’ in the area of ​​Transport and Defense, in line with the business models of other neighboring countries, sources in the sector informed Europa Press.

Cristina Ruiz Ortega, 52, joined Indra in 2011 as director of the Energy market. In January 2013, she is appointed deputy general manager and assumes the Consulting, Energy and Telecom & Media businesses. In December 2017, she was appointed executive director of Indra and general director of the information technology (IT) business and, in May 2021, she was appointed CEO of Indra.

She was also a joint and several administrator at Indra Information Technology Solutions and is a director of Emisora ​​Santander Spain.

Born in Madrid in 1970, Cristina Ruiz has a degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. She began her professional career at Accenture, where she gained extensive international experience as part of the Paris and Rome office. She subsequently joined BCG Spain, where she specialized in strategic consulting in the energy and industrial sectors.

Ruiz retains a total of 167,005 direct shares of Indra, representing 0.0945% of his capital. The company’s titles closed flat this Thursday, reaching a price of 9.42 euros.

Indra’s shareholders’ meeting will be held on June 23 in Madrid.