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Cox business call forwarding is a smart strategy to run business or organisation smoothly. It helps you to gain customer feedback and trust. Also, this features help you handle phone call when you are not available.

Cox Business is the ultimate platform that lets to take your organisation to the highest peak through various informative suggestions and ideas. We have prepared various imperative categories that will help you grow further. You get quality services along with promised success through our sustenance. Here, you will find how to do Cox business call forwarding in just a second.

What is call forwarding?

Call Forwarding is an essential part of the growth of the business. You get to expand your business without having to worry about how customers are going to approach; as call forwarding lets you open sources and an easy path for the customers. Including call forwarding to keep your services running smoothly is not only a good advantage but also leads you towards accomplishment! 

Key reasons why business call forwarding is necessary!

Call volume is a factor that most businesses deal with. So to reduce that pressure yet get the whole thing going, you ‘need’ technology that helps you. Cloud-based communication is such a method where you get to forward the incoming calls to pre-set extensions and numbers. This way you can manage the call volume with ease.

Now, let’s see how this technology is essential to your business:

01. More than one extensions through a single contact number

Cloud-based communication system has effortlessly outdone the limitations that the traditional telephones used to have. By using it, you can advertise your business with just one contact number while getting it linked to multiple extension numbers. Regardless of the fact that the advertised number may be either busy or unreachable, the customers will be able to approach you by simply dialling the same old number!

It helps to connect the customer with the agent who has needed details. Also, you can select extensions based on a particular region or language. Thus, agents with certain language skills can be able to communicate with customers from that specific region or country easily!

02. Better interactions between customers & agent

Most of the customers approach a company through voice calls and it is considered one widely preferred way to settle interaction between customers and agents. Now, to ensure the interaction is worth it, you have to take care of two things; firstly, the call needs to get connected and also, the receiving agent must be able to solve the issue and secondly, the quality of the voice. Both the points make sure the overall customer experience. A cloud-based call system safeguards both of the factors.

04. 24/7 Availability & modified business manifestation

You can select a series of alternative contacts. So each and every inbound call gets forwarded and received. Even one unattended call can cause a customer loss. Moreover, the feature lets you manage the business efficiently. It creates a presence for you that is bound to help you grow every day. With the call forwarding system, the customers will be able to contact your platform directly. Even if you are not present at a certain place, it would not matter. 

Five factors you benefit from with cox business call fowarding

  1. You never miss an important business call regardless of your whereabouts. The business number becomes like a mobile number with this cloud-based feature.
  2. You get to offer the best kind of customer service by simply being available round-the-clock. 
  3. Not only you, but even your employees can also assist and help you no matter where they are! With the work pressure nowadays, the employees tend to have to travel for work purposes all the time. With call forwarding, you will be able to connect to them without any trouble.
  4. Using various numbers for one business organisation may make it look a bit casual. Why use multiple contacts while you can get the work done with just one. You can use as many alternative numbers as you wish, but the customers or partners do not need to get confused in between! With it, your platform looks more professional and structured. 
  5. You can also set business hours for setting call forwarding. While you may be off work, but your clients will not be left unattended. Thus, your business remains apt and affable. 

Now that you know how much important call forwarding is for your business and its continuous growth, you have to be able to craft the base of your success. Cox Business is totally devoted to aiding you on every step that you take towards your aim!

How to do cox business Cox business call forwarding

Learning this is not a big deal, you can learn it very easily by following all the steps. Through this video you can very easily learn all the steps. Also, Cox business call forward made easy with this video and take your business to next level.