Cockroaches at home? Six homemade tricks to prevent them from entering

With the summer temperatures rise and that translates into the possibility that new “tenants” appear at home: cockroaches. Also known as blatodeos, its scientific name Blattodea It comes from the union of the Latin Blatta, “cockroach” and the Greek eides, “which looks like”. And it is that, although there are more than 3,500 species recognized in the family of cockroaches, throughout the Spanish territory have only been identified four different types. The lack of rain in the province together with the increase in thermometers proliferates the appearance of these undesirable insects that seek to reproduce and feed, that is why they are often around the trash.

Thus, the German cockroach (Blattella germanica)the oriental, the American and the brown or brown band are those that we can most frequently find in the province of Alicante.

For this reason, and so that you can avoid the plague of these dreaded bugswe propose a series of homemade tricks and natural that can act as insecticides and with which to deal with the appearance of the dreaded cockroaches and their eggs.

What are cockroach eggs and how to eliminate them

Tips and tricks to avoid cockroaches at home

1. Mix of baking soda and powdered sugar

The baking soda sodium is a substance that can be lethal when it comes to killing cockroaches. Nevertheless, they will not be attracted if there is no presence of a sweet smell or taste. For this reason, although bicarbonate is effective in exterminating them, a bait is needed that captures their interest.

What are cockroach droppings like and how to differentiate them from mouse droppings

What are cockroach droppings like and how to differentiate them from mouse droppings

In this case, the recommendation is based on make a mixture of this product together with the sugar, creating the perfect mixture that these insects will ingest. To do this, you must combine in a container both products in equal parts and apply it later, in those corners of the home where there are presence of cockroaches.

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How to make homemade cockroach traps?

How to make homemade cockroach traps?

2. Aromatic plants and spices

It is true that many of the aromatic plants that we know act as natural repellent of cockroaches. Thus, species like mint or the laurel they seem to have the appropriate properties to keep away these unpleasant insects. Also strong species like the minced garlic, onion or chilli powder They will help reduce their presence. you should only sprinkle it in the most convenient places.

maybe even though it’s not about the foolproof trick in the fight against the plague of these bugs, yes it is a useful remedy if you have a garden or terrace for those who usually sneak. In this way, the chances of any of these animals accessing the interior of your home are reduced.

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3. Lemon juice

The lemon It is often a popular home remedy for many insects, including cockroaches. These unwanted insects they hate the sour smell that offers the lemon. For it, clean surfaces, flooringsinks and showers with a solution of lemon and water or with a cleaning product containing lemon scented will reduce its appearance.

However, we must not forget that the most important remedy to achieve a total extinction of this type of pest is, without a doubt, constant cleaning of the home.

Aromatic plants, home remedy against cockroaches or blatodeas

4. Vinegar

Other star products for cleaning and to put an end to cockroach problems is vinegar. For its effect to appear, it is necessary to carry out a white vinegar and water mixture that later we must spray around trouble spots in the house.

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5. Animals at home

If you are a lover of all animals, perhaps this option does not seem unreasonable to you. If you have a cat and you’re already part of the family, you’ll probably appreciate the skill of these little felines when hunting them. Also, and although unusual and strange, ‘accommodating’ animals such as the lizard or the sparrow They will help you to end the problem of cockroaches.

Cats can help keep cockroaches away Information

6. Onion and boric powder

One of the most used remedies to eliminate them is to create a very cheap and super effective paste. The recipe: Mix half a chopped onion, half a cup of all-purpose flour, water, a pinch of sugar, and 3-4 teaspoons of boric powder.

Once the pasta is made, take advantage of the bottle caps to locate the mixture inside and distribute them throughout the rooms of your home where they usually appear. But beware, be careful if you have pets as it can be toxic.

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How to avoid the problems caused by cockroaches

Knowing the home remedies and tricks that help to get rid of unwanted insects is very good if avoid the use of chemical products. For this reason, and although it may seem strange, greater hygiene and sanitation do not guarantee that a pest decides or not to settle in that place, no matter how clean it is. In fact, the cockroaches they go to any space for the sole purpose of meeting your needs and keep multiplying.

A Mediterranean cockroach

However, we remind you of some of the preventive measures that can help you reduce the risk of these insects appearing:

Clean the floor regularlyeither with a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner. You should be especially careful with areas such as the kitchen and dining room, especially after meals.

Empty very often the trash can. The leftovers they are quite a temptation for these beings. For this reason, try not to leave any food within their reach that is an excuse to inhabit your house. not leave unwashed kitchen utensils either remains in the sink. The holes and cracks that communicate with the outside are a true source of entry for cockroaches. To do this, cover with putty or cement any gap that connects the street with the interior of your home. Check from time to time rear parts of home appliances that by generating heat and producing humidity are an ideal hiding place for these creatures.