Cloud Based Call Center Phone Systems – Working, Features & Benefits

In the modern era of the digital world, innovative technologies are used almost everywhere in our day-to-day lives. Wise usage of technology in businesses can be crucial for the success of any organization. The cloud-based phone system, also known as voice over internet protocol (VOIP), is now a flexible and reliable resource used by many companies, including call centers, to handle frequent calls. The cloud is a type of new-age technology that offers computing services like storage, database, networking, software, analytics, and servers over the internet. In this article, let us dive into the features and benefits of cloud based call center phone systems.

What is Cloud Based Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system is a wireless phone service that routes calls through the internet rather than a wired connection. The cloud phones handle with multiple offsite secure data centers to enhance duplexing. Also, the cloud phone system is an advanced technique in the communication platform where you can convert your traditional phone to a cloud phone by integrating an adaptor. Users can use the cloud phone system in various devices like smartphones with applications, computer software, and VoIP-enabled phones.

Most hosted VoIP systems come with advanced features like auto-attendant, call recording, video conferencing, and long-distance calling.

The phone system uses cloud technology to store all information and data rather than having a telephone exchange system. The cloud technology helps in cost reductions in both setups and also in maintenance with high reliability. The cloud offers a flexible update facility over these communications.

Working of Cloud Based Call Center Phone System

  1. The Voice over Internet protocol takes the audio from the host caller and breaks them into small packets of digital data. This data is then routed through the internet to reach the recipient.
  2. With the help of the cloud, data packets transferr to the receiver with low latency and error, irrespective of the device they use.
  3. The cloud-based phone system can access through various methods allowing everyone with an internet connection to use it.
  4. This voice-over-internet protocol system can connect to any traditional phone using a VoIP adapter or can plug in directly to the router, if it is provided with a telephone socket.
  5. Multiple IP phones connect directly to the router and the computer, making them very useful for call center solutions.
  6. This cloud technology uses in various computer applications and smartphones, to make hassle-free voice and video calls.

Why Cloud based call center phone systems solutions?

The cloud-based phone system is the best option for call center-based businesses. This phone system can be maintained and upgraded easily with a cloud. Devices like IP phones, smartphones with applications, and computers, can be connected in series with the routers using wired cables and Wi-Fi. These routers are connected to the cloud, where calls can be processed, allotted, stored, and maintained. Using the software algorithm and applications, the calls can be queued and routed easily.

Features of the Cloud Based Call Center Phone System

The cloud-based phone system offers various features and services that are not available with a traditional telephone system or available only with additional fees. These are some of the features:

a. Cloud Communication

Cloud communication is an Internet-based voice and data communication system that offers various telecommunication applications like telephoning, message service, conferencing, and storage in a single platform. Also, cloud communication also helps in connecting with users to access the available service anywhere in the network.

b. Voicemail-to-Email

Voicemail-to-email service helps in delivering the voice mail message in your phone to mail. The voice mail message convert to an audio format and sent to the desired email address through the cloud, which can access using any device with the internet. The recipient can access the voice mail without using the voice mailbox. The voicemail can be stored, erased and allows the recipient to revisit without limitations.

c. Mobility  

The cloud-based phone system also has a feature of mobility. The IP phone or a smartphone with applications can be connected to any internet service in the world. The device, when connected with the internet, acts similar to the phone system connected to the cloud. It enables you to receive calls and initiate calls anyplace in the world.

d. Ring Anywhere    

Ring anywhere is a significant feature in the cloud phone system, also called ‘never miss a call’. This feature is mostly used in call centers. It enables the user to place or receive calls on multiple devices like IP Phones, and smartphones. For example, using this feature when the host receives a call, all the connected devices start ringing, and the user can pick the call on whichever device they prefer.

e. International Calling

As cloud-based phone services are internet based, it is easy to place an international call. They don’t incur long-distance charges when you place and receive such calls. International calling and long-distance calling include free features with the virtual phone number in several cloud phone system packages.

f. Conferencing 

The cloud phone system also has the feature of ‘conferencing’ that enables multiple users to talk together in a single call. The conferencing facility is an unavailable or paid feature in the traditional phone systems, but this feature is free of cost in a cloud-based phone system.     

g. Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature allows the call from one line redirect to another. This feature helps to pick the call from multiple phone numbers to a specific line. It also provides the user with a call transferring facility where calls transfer to other numbers using extensions within the network system.

h. Virtual Receptionist

An auto call attendant is an automated voice menu option that enables the caller to engage with an Artificial Intelligence system for the quick answering of queries. The voice bot then directs the call to a specific user and reduces the communication workload of the person.

Benefits of the Cloud Based Phone System

The cloud-based phone system is one of the highly beneficial technologies. With the growth of the internet, all business sectors are dependent on digital technology for their proceedings.

a. Low Cost

The cloud-based phone system is cost-efficient. It reduces the expense of buying bulky hardware, on-site servers, power cooling facilities, exchange units. By using cloud-based phones, the infrastructure of the system can made compact. The cloud act as a single platform for computing various features such as storage and backups. Thus, it’s less expensive. In a cloud-based phone system, all phone calls handle only with the internet, so you charge only with internet usage. Most of the cloud-based enterprises offer phone service that includes crucial features in their package. So, it acts as a one-stop solution for all the needs by reducing the cost.

b. Flexibility

As the cloud-based phone system depends only on the internet for its working, the phone system can place anywhere in the world. The infrastructure can built anywhere. This cloud-based phone system is highly beneficial in call centres where the work outsource to people residing in other countries. These projects can handle without any issues with the help of cloud computing technology. The cloud phone system allows the user to route the calls to any VoIP –enabled phone irrespective of location.

c. Higher Performance and Reliability 

Compared to the traditional phone system, the cloud-based phone system provides considerably high performance in all its features. The data packets from the cloud phone system are easily access and transferred from one user to another. The cloud-based phone system provides lower delays with a high data rate that helps in using various features like audio and video conferencing for real-time collaboration and artificial intelligence.

d. Improved Customer Services

The cloud-based phone system offers high feasibility in call centre solutions when used in handling customer services. In a cloud phone system, the customer’s inquiry can be processed quickly without holding them for a long time, with the auto call attendant. The calls can then easily be directed to various departments to solve the issues. It also provides the attendant with facilities like call transfer and conferencing to improve the service.

The Final Word 

The cloud based call center phone system is highly beneficial compared to the traditional phone system, and it is an excellent choice for all call center business solutions.

  1. With the internet, the cloud-based phone system can use anywhere without compromising with other features.
  2. The cloud phone system offers higher security while transferring the data packets that reduce the cross talk and protects them from hackers.
  3. The cloud system allows you to add extensions and other features remotely. The updates can be handled using the cloud, thus saving time and money. 

Thus we conclude cloud based call center phone systems.

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