CCOO will give this Thursday “a wake-up call” to the Government before the conditions of public employees


CCOO will gather this Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in front of the Congress of Deputies, where the Debate on the State of the Nation is being held these days, to “give a wake-up call” to the Government and the rest of the political forces for the “paralysis” of collective bargaining in the Public Service.

The union understands this mobilization as a way to “move the tab”, after two months waiting for the Secretary of State for Public Administration to convene a dialogue table, without it having taken place yet, as it explained this Monday at a conference. press the coordinator of the CCOO Public Area, Humberto Beltrán.

CCOO requires the Government to update the salaries of more than 3 million public employees, without this increase being “mimetic to the CPI”, since the union also wants to put other demands on the table.

Among them, there is the development of the Basic Statute of the Public Employee (EBEP) or the Framework Statute, the development of the Public Function Law for the General Administration of the State or regulatory changes in matters of equality. In addition, CCOO asks for a basic day of 35 hours for all public sectors, the elimination of the replacement rate to rejuvenate templates and partial and early retirement in the public sector.

With this mobilization in front of Congress, CCOO also wants to remember that the last framework agreement was signed in 2018, with the PP in the Government. For the union, the current Executive is showing a “stubborn lack of dialogue”, despite the fact that “the situation in the country is increasingly worrying”.


CCOO reported on Monday that with the mobilization before Congress they do not intend to “drag the citizenry” but rather “place the focus on the demands of these almost 3.5 million” public employees.

For this reason, the claim will be “autonomous”, without the presence of other unions or associations. CCOO also does not rule out that other unions may join in the future, especially if the concentrations are still necessary due to the lack of response from the Executive.

Added to the unilateral nature of Thursday’s call is the UGT’s decision to wait until September before joining the demonstrations. Until then, UGT will continue to demand that the Government urgently convene the General Negotiation Table for Public Function.

In a statement sent on Monday, UGT warned that “the patience of public employees has a limit and this will be the month of September.”