CCOO, UGT and FINE collect signatures to demand salary review in the financial sector


CCOO, UGT and FINE have started a collection of signatures to demand that the banking and savings employers reopen the negotiating tables of collective agreements and be able to negotiate a salary review that allows them to face the loss of purchasing power due to inflation.

The three unions have started the petition on the platform this Tuesday, the same day they met with the CECA in the framework of the sectoral observatory, in which the employers promised to carry out a detailed analysis of the new situation that the sector is facing.

At this morning’s meeting, the three unions have demanded the opening of the negotiating table for the agreement and have proposed a negotiating scheme in salary matters, consisting of the recovery of the variable part of the bonus of the 2021 and 2022 agreement, the salary recovery of 2021 through a formula to be negotiated and specified (as a single payment), the salary recovery for 2022 (with a review of salary tables from January 2022 and the inclusion of a review clause at the end of the year), the review clause for 2023 with the formula that is decided and the review of diets, mileage and telecommuting.

Likewise, the representatives of the workers have transferred the “increasingly recurring request of the templates” so that there is the option of employee loans at a fixed rate.

As reported by CCOO Servicios in a statement, CECA’s response has been to “try to avoid its responsibility and commitment to the people who make the profits.”

The employers would have focused their arguments on trying to demonstrate that workers’ wages have not been devalued and would have agreed to analyze the ideas proposed by the unions, asking for a deadline for it. For now, the next meeting has been set for September 15.

“If the employers do not react in time, the three organizations reserve new actions for ourselves,” the unions have warned.