Can the Thermomix be cleaned with a dishwasher tablet?

In these times cooking with a kitchen robot It is the most common thing in the world. The lack of time but the desire to prepare delicious and healthy dishes has meant that more and more families in our country have one of these appliances in their home.

That is why there are many brands that offer these kitchen robots, but if there is one popular in our country, that is Thermomix. This kitchen robot was one of the first to hit the market and became a cult object for many. Despite losing in court against the brand that manufactures these appliances for Lidl, the Thermomix is ​​still on top and this is demonstrated by the large number of web pages that dedicate both recipes and cleaning tricks to it.

Thus, here we are going to talk about a cleaning trick for your Thermomix that has become very popular, although it may seem a bit strange at first: clean the Thermomix with a dishwasher tablet. Can be done? It is advisable? Diving in the Net we have found many cleaning tricks but it has been on the brand’s official blog where we have read this so curious. And there are many who recommend it.

How to clean the Thermomix with a dishwasher tablet

Removing dirt from the food processor is simple since it can be put in the dishwasher, but if you prefer to use one of its programs, you can do so. If you want to make a basic cleaning you can add water to cover and the spoons and program 10 seconds without temperature speed 10. It will only be necessary to rinse and you will have it ready.

If the dirt includes fatty foods you can add a liter and a half of water and 2 drops of dishwashing liquid (no more than otherwise the foam will overflow). Program 6 minutes, 60 degrees and speed 4. Rinse again and you will see how the fat has disappeared.

Lastly for a deeper cleaning in which you have left in the tray remains that are difficult to burn or you have burned food in the bottom, you can use the trick of the dishwasher tablet. You just have to add two liters of water (depending on the model you may have to add less so that it does not overflow), the dishwasher detergent tablet and program 20 minutes, temperature 90 degrees and speed 4. You have it ready and impeccable .