Bitopia Review – Is It Smart Trading App? Let’s Find Out The Truth!

A few things immediately stood for us as we started our research on this auto-trading software for investing. We could not observe any particular warning signals primarily used in similar ways that permit you to make money quickly. Moreover, the platform, as well as the trading dashboard, was straightforward to use and navigate. After this, we analyzed the site and asked questions regarding the brokers we would like to work with. As per our review of Bitopia, we had various conversations with the customer service team several times and could find the team to be professional and responsive.


What Is Bitopia App?

Bitopia can be described as an MT4 powdered signals app that uses MT4 to offer power to its trading signals. A few days ago, our team collected the request for a manual process to signal that it provides investors more control over trading. Suppose you still don’t know about Bitopia. In that case, it is a web-based automated trading platform mainly utilized by online retail Forex investors. It is partnered with regulated and licensed brokers that offer the app to their customers at no cost.


In recent few years, Robo advisor has emerged to become an investment platform popular with both experienced and new traders. We welcome you into this modern world of Robo Advisory World. Bitopia is an internet-based trading tool created to provide the top investment software that is dependable for traders.

In addition, the Bitopia app provides traders with the chance to discover the world of investment by providing minimum investments and lower fees.

Bitopia Review 2022 – Is It Legit or a Scam?

The Bitopia trading app seems legit and can be described as a beneficial robot advisor that utilizes powerful algorithms to provide consistent top-level results. It is said in the sales brochure that the director of Behavioural science claims it operates like a GPS. In addition, it is also a developing and consistently progressing strategy for placing trades profitable. Our team was not satisfied with the information they provided. Our team visited the platform to keep their personal money at risk. It’s actually the same as the push and goes.

Although, after about five minutes of completing a registration form and giving basic information regarding the amount of investment we would like to put in and the deposit we’d like to make, at last, the platform started trading live. At the start, the platform experienced some losses, although we were told to consider taking it like usual.

But, after this platform did an excellent job of making beneficial trades. We were able to make small gains. We received our investment back, and we earned $100 the following day.

How To Get Started With Bitopia Complete The Bitopia Sign-Up Form


To start trading with Bitopia, you need to register a new account. You can sign-up for a new trading account by following the easy steps explained on the homepage. The registration process starts with completing a registration form to make a Bitopia account. The registration form requires basic information such as full name, valid email address, contact number and country residence. After filling the registration form, accept the terms and conditions explained.


Make a Deposit

You need to make a deposit following the sign-up process to start trading. The initial trading capital can be deposited into the Bitopia account without stress because it offers many payment options. Its payment methods include MasterCard, Visa, Bank Transfer, Skrill and e-wallets. All you need is to select your preferred payment methods, and money is transferred immediately. To commence trading with Bitopia, it is essential to deposit $250.

Trade Live

After creating an account with the Bitopia app and depositing the minimum amount into the history,  simply activate the app and let it execute trades for you. The default trading preferences of the app should work just fine. You cannot commence trading by customizing your trading parameters and purposes.

Distinctive Features of Bitopia App

Here are some best features of the Bitopia app:


Easy-to-use App

The Bitopia trading app is very easy-to-use. Even novice traders do not need prior experience or knowledge in crypto trading to start with this automated trading platform. Before you start investing with Bitopia, you must research and analyze the market movements. There are numerous scam platforms, so be careful while using any app.


Bitopia app includes an easy and safe transaction process that is very simple to navigate. The withdrawal process is straightforward and fast at Bitopia. Its withdrawal process does not take more than 24 hours to complete.

Accuracy Rate

The Bitopia trading software is driven by cutting-edge technology, and it stays ahead of its competitor apps by 0.01 seconds. This is one of the best characteristics of Bitopia, where it trades with a high accuracy that offers maximum profits to its traders.


Trade Skills

New and experienced traders can test a wide selection of trade strategies of different crypto assets by using the demo account feature offered by the Bitopia app. These testing modes allow people to optimize and detect the best plan that meets their needs.

Consistent Returns

According to numerous Bitopia reviews, users have made handsome money with an initial minimum deposit of $250. Traders have made consistent and significant returns without having to lose their investments.


What Is Bitopia?

Bitopia can be described as an MT4 powdered signals app that uses MT4 to offer power to its trading signals.

Is Bitopia Legit or a Scam?

As per our review, Bitopia is a legit and trustworthy trading app. This app gives high earning potential to traders who would like to carry out transactions in the investment market. In addition, you must be aware that the market is highly volatile and risky.


How Much Money Can I Make With Bitopia App?

By using the Bitopia app, you can make unlimited profits. With an initial minimum deposit of $250 and accurate techniques, the app can operate trades on behalf of the clients to generate vast amounts of money.

Is The Bitopia Android App Available?

Yes, its mobile app can be downloaded on mobile phones.

Final Thoughts

From our findings, Bitopia is the most affordable online platform for advice that can be offered to examine is a wise idea and comes with a minimum risk. You don’t need 1 thousand dollars to start, and no one will behave with you like an insignificant fish. We advise that our clients do not invest more than they can afford to lose.