Best tupperware companies at home in Spain: alternatives to Wetaca


Let’s admit it, in this world full of complications, work, Zoom meetings and housework it is very difficult to get to the kitchen, much less to eat well and healthy. Cooking becomes a complication in our busy schedule… or it was until the tupperware companies at home in Spain began to fill this need.

Many of them share the orientation to work in the office, thinking of those employees who want to eat healthy without having to worry about bringing their food from home. To do this, they offer prices for groups of menus and accept payment through the usual restaurant tickets from companies such as Sodexo, Check Gourmet or Ticket Restaurant.

Eat well at home or the office without hating the kitchen

Among the tupperware companies at home in Spain, Wetaca foodtech is the reference. The idea of ​​creating Wetaca arose based on the needs of its founders Andrés Casal and Efrén Vázquez, who were looking for a simple and quick way to eat well, along with their passion for cooking. And of course, over time we have seen alternative proposals to Wetaca emerge, Tupperware companies at home in Spain that offer us a varied menu within the reach of a click and our needs.

so we share with you this top in alphabetical order so you can forget about the kitchen for a while, whether in the office, on a day off or at home during telecommuting.

Tupperware companies at home in Spain


Apeteat’s motto is “eat healthy and sustainable wherever you are”, and its offer is “100% natural” dishes and with ecological packaging, Respectful towards the environment. You can place your order at zero cost for the office and 1 euro at home. Deliveries are from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at no cost, but deliveries before 1 p.m. have a cost of 50 cents. ANDThe cost of the dishes varies according to their presentation:

There is a full menu with a cost of 10.95 euros, the half menu costs 7.50 euros, bowl menuwhich specializes in salads, costs 9.95 euros, the poke menu, which is a Hawaiian dish with pieces of fish and vegetables, costs 12.95 euros. All menus have a main course, dessert and the option of extras, and of course, there is also the option of ordering à la carte dishes. Work with the main references in restaurant tickets: Sodexo, Check Gourmet or Ticket Restaurant.


Although Guisos.com also offers weekly menus and à la carte dishes, Guisos.com’s differential offer is that They also have a keto diet and another special gluten-free menu.

Among its menu offer you can find weekly, fortnightly, for the office and that include meat, fish, vegetables, legumes and salads and cold dishes among others. You can find weekly menus between 85 and 90 euros for 21 dishes in total, keto menus between 70 and 75 euros per week, and all of them include tea, coffee, desserts and main dishes with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As for the dishes, it has a wide variety of options between 1.50 euros and 6.88 euros, prices may vary according to the current menu. In minimum orders of 70 euros, shipping is free, and the minimum order must be 40 euros.


At Knoweats you can place your order Monday and Tuesday, and you will receive it on Friday of the same week. If you order from Wednesday to Sunday, it will arrive on Wednesday of the following week. Deliveries are made before 2:30 p.m. and they have several types of menu: general, vegan or balanced for those who care more about their health. Its price varies between 2.95 and 7 euros per plate.

To compensate for the footprint that the activity of this type of company leaves on the environment, Knoweats participates in a project of the NGO Gravity Waves to collect plastics from the Mediterranean Sea. They accept payment with Sodexo checks.


The Menudiet service is offered from 3.90 euros per dish, with free shipping on the peninsula. You can create and customize the weekly menu or buy à la carte dishes. The dishes are delivered frozen to preserve them easily and special tupperware is used to heat them in the microwave.

Their specialty is healthy menus, and they have a special one for losing weight, for athletes, for the elderly, diabetics and for pregnancy and lactation, as well as being able to adapt to your specialized nutritional plan if necessary.

My plate

In MyPlate you can choose between more than 70 different dishes, for all tastes and needs, whether they are low-carb, low-calorie, vegan, for seniors, gluten-free, among others.

They make shipments to mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands, France and Portugal, receiving them in 24 to 72 hours. The prices of dishes vary between 3 to 8 euros, and depending on whether it is a single dish order or a package. They accept payment with Sodexo, Check Gourmet or Ticket Restaurant.

I don’t cook more

In its portal you will find more than 100 different meals every day, sending to mainland Spain, you can select the delivery day from Tuesday to Saturday or even if you place your order from Monday to Thursday before 11 a.m. have it the next day, with expiration on each dish of 15 days in the refrigerator.

The dishes are offered in three different tupperware: normal of 380 gr for one person, large of 480 gr and familiar with approximately 1100 gr. They also have diet tuppers, packs that include several different dishes, and categories between meats, vegetables, soups, salads, vegetarians, desserts, specials and more, and their prices vary between approximately 3 and 8 euros, depending on the dish and its size.


With deliveries in the peninsula in 24/48 hours, Tappers.es is another of the reference options in the field of tupperware at home. On its website, the company highlights that they cook their menus with high pressure, which allows food to be kept in the fridge for up to 15 days, without added preservatives or additives. The Tappers menu includes gluten free and vegan dishes, and their prices range between 6 and 7 euros for each of them.

They offer 5 euros as a gift with the first order. They accept payment with Sodexo, Check Gourmet or Ticket Restaurant.


As a pioneer among home tupperware companies, Wetaca has the lead in experience and catalogue. You can order a la carte between traditional, light dishes, desserts, products from their suppliers and create your own menu. Their letter changes every Thursday, so you can order before the following Wednesday and receive as early as Friday, depending on your zip code.

Each portion is designed for a full lunch or dinner (approximately 500 grams) and the price varies from 1.95 euros to 8.95 eurosOf course, prices may vary according to the weekly menu.

In the case of the subscription, each week you will receive adapted dishes aimed at improving your diet. The reference menu will mark the maximum price you will pay each week. Wetaca promises that it will compare your maximum price with the price of the a la carte dishes and you will always be charged the lowest. They accept payment with Sodexo, Check Gourmet or Ticket Restaurant.

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