Online MBA healthcare management no GMAT USA 2022 (best ratings)

There was a time when GMAT needed to apply for admission to a good business school for Online mba healthcare management. But, with time, people along with the institutions have learned to emphasize the potential of students. And they agree that the most real potential does not depend on test marks and credit scores. They look for the perspective that the students can offer with their merits. Now that most of the world is going online with every kind of work and study, it is just as easy to apply and get in the selection process of MBA courses in prestigious universities over the internet. 

Online MBA admission councils are there to assess your merit based on your graduation GPA, work experience, and further involvement in school and community organizations. GMAT is no more a requirement to get admission to the best of business schools. Without GMAT scores, you can go on with your studies.

Universities began to understand how important time and money can be to a student. Spending $250 over a test for becoming eligible to apply for MBA can be too much in today’s date. So, many institutions have crafted practical alternatives that can help a student enter their preferred universities. No way disrespects the examination and its procedures. To understand the thing, let’s go through what GMAT is and why it is essential.

What is GMAT? ( Eligibility for MBA in healthcare management in USA)

GMAT represents Graduate Management Admission Test. GMAT has been acting basically as a gateway for beginning the journey of pursuing an MBA degree. The test evaluates the verbal, reasoning, communicating, and quantitative skills of the students. It measures the students’ knowledge of basic maths, grammar and acts as a good conjecturer of educational presentation for the first semester of the course. Whatever the specialization may be, every student needed to take the examination and score fair credit to apply to any business school. The Students can take the test from the test center as well as online.

MBA in health management

Business schools throughout the USA offer many courses. Whatever your preferred field is, you can choose to pursue a business management degree if you have it in you! Among all the courses, health management has turned out to be one of the fruitful areas in which many students are interested.

So, what is this field about?

MBA in Healthcare Management is a course that is designed to offer in-depth knowledge about world healthcare.

It explores various healthcare dynamics and lets the students gain awareness regarding what the future may hold.

The course structure is set based on allowing the students to understand the healthcare industry and its growing need. 

List of best rating online mba healthcare management no gmat USA with short duartion and low course fees

Expert professional is always a requirement to grow the industry. This field of studies encourages that knowledge and plays a significant role in forming the nation’s future.

This course is all you need to sharpen your awareness and turn yourself into a qualified professional.

We have enlisted the best colleges for MBA in healthcare management in world to help you find the most-suited institution for yourself and understand the course structure.

01. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

University Ranking: 75 (Regional Universities North – US News & World Report 2022)

Program Info: 
  • One year MBA program
  • No GMAT/GRE required
  • 20 assorted concentrations
  • Experienced instructors
  • Online course available
  • Estimated Tuition Fee – $22,572

Southern New Hampshire University has been providing the best kind of education for over 80 years. It was found in 1932. From being a school of secretarial science and accounting to becoming a premium nationally accredited institution, the university has come a long way. Also, the courses in the institutions can be studied on campus as well as online.

Furthermore, the campus spread within the 300-acre delicate area in Manchester, NH. Over 3000 students call the place home! Also, more than 135,000 students are pursuing various online courses from the university. 

SNHU proudly offers you a high-quality studying experience at a traditional and rich-in-culture campus. Whichever degree you choose to pursue from the 200 courses, you will get the best understanding.

02. Ohio University – Online mba healthcare management no gmat

University Ranking: 176 (National University Ranking – US News & World Report 2022)

Program Info: 
  • Online MBA
  • 6 Semesters 
  • Expert professors
  • Special Workshops
  • Consists of 35 Credits
  • No GRE/ GMAT required
  • Estimated Tuition Fee – $36,645

Ohio University is a public university situated in Athens, Ohio. The institution has witnessed a great deal of history and human transformation. Since, it was founded in 1787 by the Congress of the Confederation. The institution has been taking part in incredible phenomena.

Ohio University was opened for students in 1809 after getting approval for the territory in 1802 and state in 1804.

Also, this institution is the 10th oldest university in the USA and the oldest in Ohio.

Ohio University offers various courses in almost every field of education to over 30,000 students on all the campuses, with about 25,000 on its main campus in Athens. No doubt, this is one of the finest universities in the USA.

03. Maryville University

University Ranking: 196 (National University Ranking – US News & World Report 2022)

Program Info: 
  • 1 year MBA program
  • 12 divided Concentrations
  • 100 % Online Available
  • 6 sessions per year
  • No business experience required
  • Tuition Fee – $25,704

Maryville University is one of the best private institutions in the USA that offer online mba healthcare management no gmat. The campus of Maryville University is located in Missouri. Also, the university offers highly innovative and comprehensive education to students.

The education structure here focuses on knowledge and growth.

Founded in 1872, the university offers about 90 courses for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. Also, the institution proudly provides high-quality education and a sufficient understanding of the respective areas.

Students from over 50 states and 47 countries come to build their future here. Over 11,000 are studying at Maryville University currently. 

04. Carlow University (Best for high quality education)

University Ranking: 75 (Regional Universities North – US News & World Report 2022)

Program Info: 
  • 15 months for completion of degree
  • Total Credits – 36
  • 3 sessions a year
  • Expert Professors
  • 100% online course available
  • Tuition Fee – $16,478

Carlow University is a private catholic university that offers good quality education. The university was found in 1929 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The main campus of the university is located in Oakland. The other two significant campuses of Carlow University are in Greensburg and Cranberry.

With its 14 buildings spread over 13-acre land. Also, the university one of the best private institutions in the USA. Even more, the presence of culture along with tradition make Carlow University the ultimate institution that stands for excellence. In short, the education it offers prepares you for a bright future. 

05. Grand Canyon University (one year mba healthcare management)

University Ranking: 202 (National University Ranking – US News & World Report 2022)

Program Info: 
  • 1 year MBA 
  • Total Credits – 34
  • Accredited by Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (SCBSP)
  • No GRE required
  • Tuition Fee – $17,250

Situated in Phoenix, Arizona, Grand Canyon University stands as one of the finest universities in the USA that provides the best education. The students here experience an education that helps them build their future. Until 2018, Grand Canyon University was the largest Christian university globally based on the student enrolment strata.

There are over 200 courses available in the University for Graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral degrees. With over 20,000 on-campus students and 70,000 students online, Grand Canyon University offers quality. 

Founded in 1949, the university is one of the finest private universities in the states. Also, it was ranked among the 10 Best College Campuses across America by Town & Country in 2017.

06. Queen’s University of Charlotte ( Best short duration degree online mba healthcare management no gmat USA)

University Ranking: 117 (National University Ranking)

Program Info: 
  • Credit Hours – 39 
  • 1 Year MBA 
  • No GRE required
  • Online Course available
  • Tuition Fee – $45,435

The Queens University of Charlotte is one of the best institutions in the USA. Not only MBA programs, but the university also offers 34 undergraduate courses along with 66 concentrations and 10 graduate programs. The university is home to over 2300 students. Established in 1857, Queens University of Charlotte excels in all the field of studies. The vast campus consists of six sororities. Undoubtedly, Queens University of Charlotte offers an educational experience so good that the students are bound to excel in life!

The university affiliate with APCU, CIC, and NAICU. Also, it has been ranked 13th best Regional University in the South by US News & World Report.  

07. University of Delaware

University Ranking: 97 (National University Ranking – US News & World Report 2022)

Program Info: 
  • Public University
  • Course Duration – 21 months
  • Total Credits – 44
  • 12 Divided Concentration
  • Estimated Tuition Fee – $41,800

The University of Delaware is one of the best public universities in the state. It is a land-grant research institution. Also, the main campus of the university is located in Newark, Delaware.

The University of Delaware offers

  • 148 bachelor’s degree courses
  • 121 master’s programs
  • 13 joint degrees
  • 55 doctoral programs
  • and 3 associate’s programs.

Around 25,000 students are studying across the eight campuses of The University of Delaware. 

Founded in 1833, the university lets you explore different genres of culture and tradition. Also, it has got affiliations from Sea-grant and Space-grant. Even more, experience world-class education at the University of Delaware and gain knowledge that makes you powerful in every way.

08. University of Saint Mary – (Best cheap online mba healthcare management no gmat)

University Ranking: 103 (Regional Universities Midwest – US News & World Report 2022)

Program Info:
  • 1-2 Year MBA 
  • Required – Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Min GPA required – 2.75 (on a scale of 4.0)
  • 7 concentrations
  • IACBE accredited
  • Credits Score – 33
  • No GMAT/GRE required
  • Tuition Fee – $595/credit hour

The University of Saint Mary is one of the finest private catholic universities.

The university situated in Leavenworth, Kansas. The main campus spread across 200 acres of land.

Moreover, the university has three other campuses in the same region. Established in 1923, the University of Saint Mary started as a school only for women. Though, later it was turned co-educational.

Moreover, the University of Saint Mary has over 1200 on-campus students from over 33 states and 8 countries. Also, the university offers various courses for graduation and master’s degrees. Futhermore, both online and on-campus education structure is available here.

Its excellent study structure makes the University of Saint Mary one of the best institutions in the USA.

09. Benedictine University ( Best for 2 year Online mba healthcare management no gmat)

University Ranking: 221 (National University Ranking – US News & World Report 2019)

Program Info: 
  • 2 Year MBA
  • No GMAT/GRE required
  • 100% Online course available
  • Accredited by Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum GPA 2.75 (4.0 scale)
  • Tuition Fee – $40,000

Benedictine University is a Roman Catholic university located in Illinois. The main campus of this non-profit private university situated in Lisle.

Benedictine University was established in 1887 with St. Procopius College by the Benedictine monks of Procopius Abbey of Chicago. Later in 1996, after going through several changes, it became Benedictine University.

The university affiliate with ABCU, ACCU, NAICU, and CIC. With over 5000 students, the university has been excelling in studies for a long time.

Benedictine University offers various courses for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. 

The other campus of Benedictine University situated in Mesa, Arizona. Benedictine University ranked among “America’s Top Colleges” by Forbes in the year 2019.

Bottom line

MBA has become a vital area of education in the present decade. The degree not only offers a vast range of knowledge but also opens a way to brighten your future.

Also, to make sure your future and career both are on the safe side, you need to get into the best possible institution.

The universities enlisted above stand as some of the best institutions that promise to provide quality education. Further, none of the universities require GMAT scores to enroll students for an MBA program which lets you, as a student, explore and experience something new and reformed. We recommened before applying for MBA you must verify univeristy score, ranking, admission procedure and fees structure. Here, we conclude best Online mba healthcare management no gmat in USA 2022.