Bed bug, the parasite that you can find between the sheets returns in summer

It measures between 5 and 6 millimeters, but despite its small size, the bed bug can be a very uncomfortable insect for those who are unfortunate enough to have it in their home. According to the National Association of Environmental Sanitation Companies (Anecpla), these parasites are “a plague closely associated with the hotel sector and tourist homes” that nest in the beds, the folds of the sheets, the furniture and the armchairs.

These bed bugs feed on human blood and their bite can cause discomfort and reactions allergicstress or even insomnia.

Jorge Galvan, general director of Anecpla, explains that “due to their tiny size, these parasites often stowaway between clothes or suitcases, causing new infestations in homes, hotels, apartments, etc.” For this reason, the most common thing is that after a well-deserved vacation we take them home in the suitcase.

500% growth

According to Anecpla, at first the presence of these parasites was related to dirt and abandonment, but apparently this is not the case. “Globalization, higher levels of pollution and increased temperatures due to climate change are behind this resurgence of bedbugs in Europe,” says Jorge Galván.

“The reactivation of tourism, skyrocketing levels of environmental pollution and suffocating temperatures like the ones we have been experiencing in recent weeks, added to the extraordinary speed of proliferation of this species, has caused that, in recent years, lhe bed bug population has increased by more than 500%Galvan points out.

An adult bedbug clings to the edge of a mattress after the bed covers were removed to identify the cause of insect bites in a residential apartment building by a pest control technician.

For the person in charge of Anecpla, the proliferation of bed bugs is an emerging public health problem and they warn that, until now, these parasites are not vectors of disease transmission, this situation can change at any time due to the appearance of new species, the transit of people, the increase in temperatures and pollution.

tropical bed bug

From the association they also warn of the presence of a new species of insect: tropical bed bug (Cimex hemipterus), originally from Asia and which in recent years is colonizing Australia, the United States and Europe. The main characteristic of the tropical bug is that it is highly resistant to conventional insecticidesa use totally discouraged by experts since they can spread the plague and do not solve the problem of these parasites.