Banyeres industrialist Alfredo Ferre dies

The industrialist from Banyeres Alfredo Ferrewho was president of the company of this locality Sons of Antonio Ferrehe has deceased in the early hours of this Saturday, as this newspaper has been able to confirm. The death occurred in the same population, after a long illness. The news has generated a remarkable impact on the municipalitygiven the size and local relevance of the textile firm and because it is a well-known person.

The family business Hijos de Antonio Ferre, headed by Alfredo Ferre, is one of the main ones in the town of Banyeres, with more than a hundred employees. Dedicated to production of home textilesit was founded in 1914 and is currently managed by the fourth generation. In 2014, the firm received the Important INFORMATION award for the month of October, as recognition of his career, which then reached a century of life. The first family business has also given rise to other mercantile companies in the textile fieldas Hilaturas Ferre, founded in 1947.

Alfredo Ferre himself explained to this newspaper, on the occasion of the delivery of the Important Awards in February 2015, that the values ​​of “seriousness and work”constant throughout the entire existence of the firm, had been one of the main keys to stay all this time. And also, limit decision-making to a few people, with a board of directors of 11 members from the same family branch. At the same time, he stressed that this “clairvoyance and will to survive” should always take into account the need to renew itself, because it affirmed that “the company that does not innovate dies”.

That way of acting, indicated the industrialist, had allowed what began as a small family business to emerge from a loom to make jute bags a century later, expanded and consolidated as a leading company in the sector in its surroundings and with different facilities in Banyeres, surpassing moments of crisis such as the emergence of the lowest cost Asian product. The son of the deceased, also named Alfredo, is the current CEO of the firm. The burning chapel, as this newspaper has learned, has been installed this Saturday morning in the same address of the industrialist.