Asos enters losses in its first half, with 19 million


The ‘online’ fashion store Asos posted losses of 15.8 million pounds (19 million euros) in its first fiscal half, ending in February, compared to profits of 106.4 million (127.8 million euros ) from the same period of the previous year, as reported by the company on Tuesday.

The turnover in the six fiscal months was 2,004.1 million pounds (2,406.3 million euros), 1% more than a year earlier. By geographical area, turnover in the United Kingdom was 895.5 million (1,075.2 million euros), 8.4% more, while in the European Union it was 577.4 million (693.3 million euros). ), 2.9% less.

Revenue from the United States expanded by 8.5%, to 252.7 million (303.4 million euros), while revenue from the rest of the world contracted by 13.7%, to 278.5 million (334 .4 million euros).

The cost of products sold during the semester was 1,140.9 million (1,369.8 million euros), 5.1% more, while administrative expenses expanded by 15%, to 612 million (734.8 million euros) and those of distribution were 255.6 million (306.9 million euros), 3.1% more.

During the semester, Asos recorded a gross margin on sales of 43.1%, which represents a decrease of 1.9 percentage points compared to the margins of the same period of the previous year. The net operating result (Ebit) was 26.2 million pounds (31.5 million euros), 77% less than a year earlier.