Arrested in Alicante for two false reports of theft to try to defraud the insurance

If the Police already had any suspicions about a robbery reported by a 64-year-old man in Alicante, With the second complaint filed to expand the first, it was confirmed that everything was an invention to defraud the insurance and it was a simulation of a crime. Therefore, the complainant has been detained by the National Police accused of simulation of crime and attempted fraud to the insurance company of his domicile for compensation.

The now arrested went to police stations to report that his wallet was missing with the documentation and cash. The complainant recounted in his complaint that he suspected that the alleged thief could have been a woman he passed in a shopping center.

Arrested in Alicante after falsely denouncing that the money for his mother’s funeral had been stolen

The man even provided in his complaint the physical characteristics of the suspect and the agents of the Northern District Police Station They began to make arrangements about what happened. However, about ten days later, this same man appeared again at the Police Station to expand information related to the reported events.

Curiously, what was initially reported as a careless theft turned into a robbery with violence. The complainant added that the woman he initially spoke about had followed him to the doorway of her home, where she approached him and, after a struggle, snatched his wallet with the effects already reported.

Likewise, the man stated that he had reported his home insurance and sent them the first complaint, but they replied that such loss was not covered by his policy.

The agents of Investigation Group II of the Northern District Police Station of Alicante It did not take them long to verify that the robbery with violence never occurred and that it was a complaint filed to obtain compensation from the insurance, which did contemplate coverage for a robbery with violence, hence the initial complaint was expanded.

The 64-year-old man was summoned to the North Police Station and ended up being arrested for simulation of crime and attempted fraud. After giving a statement he was released with charges.

The National Police warns of the criminal liability that a person may incur in the event of falsely accusing another or simulating being the victim of a criminal offense that has never occurred.