Arrested a domestic worker accused of stealing jewelry and money worth €15,000 in houses in Petrer and Elda

Agents of the National Police of the Elda-Petrer Police Station have arrested a woman who worked as a domestic worker performing cleaning tasks who, allegedly, had been stealing jewelry and money continuously since 2017 in the homes where she worked, taking advantage of the trust given by their victims.

The facts have been known through a complaint from a 76-year-old womana neighbor of Petrer, who filed a complaint at the Elda National Police Station, stating that she was missing a considerable amount of jewelry and that she had not observed any symptoms of theft in her house, indicating that she suspected the woman she had hired as a domestic worker who, although she did not have keys to access, did have her complete trust to stay alone at home if necessary to carry out her work, given that she had known her for a long time.

After verifying the facts, the investigating agents of the Local Judicial Police Brigade of the Police Station detected a huge amount of jewelry sales, in gold trading shops in Elda and Petrer, by the investigated party that dated back to the year 2017 .

Once such an indication was detected, the investigators prepared a meticulous photographic album with photographs of all these jewels and showed it to the victim who, without hesitation, recognized some of them as his property, although some had been reflected in his complaint. and others not, because they were jewels of very little use to her and of which she had not detected their lack. However, she was able to provide her own photographs that the agents compared with those in the album, determining that they were undoubtedly the same pieces.

The agents, suspecting that all the jewelry sold by the investigated could be of illicit origin, immediately intervened all the jewelry that was still recoverable, being able to deliver to the victim part of the jewelry that was stolen.

The tip of the iceberg

However, this seemed to be the tip of the iceberg, since the agents found out that the investigated currently worked in more homes in the neighboring towns of Petrer and Elda as an employee and the sale of jewelry was quite considerable.

Thus, they located and again showed the photographs of the jewels to these alleged victims, with the result that all of them came to recognize some of the jewels in the Photo album as your property. However, none of the new victims had filed a complaint, either because they had not detected their fault as they were jewels of no use, or because they thought that they could not find them due to personal oversight.

Once all the evidence had been collected, the agents located and arrested the accused accused, presumably, of a continuing crime of theft carrying out a search at the address of the arrested with the authorization of the Guard Court of Instruction of Elda.

Looking for more victims

As a result of this search, it has been possible to recover a large amount of jewelery and 2,200 euros in cash, continuing with the investigation due to the suspicion that there could be more victims who were not yet aware of their disappearance.

As for the amount calculated by the Police, on the benefits that the arrested woman would have obtained from the sale of the jewelry, they estimated that it amounted to about €15,000.

Regarding the way in which the alleged author stole the jewelry from the victims’ homes, according to the police experience confirmed in this event, she used to steal jewelry from the victims that they normally did not use as they could be; jewels of the victim’s deceased spouseold jewels inherited from ancestors, jewels of older children from when they were little, in short, those that he observed that the victim never used.

That is why all these jewels, in addition to the high economic value that most of them have, have a high sentimental value to the victimsomething that makes the restitution of the stolen property practically impossible, since this sentimental value is not estimated at the time of the expert opinion during the judicial process, it is only the market value of the jewel that is estimated for it, which, in this case , it would be taking as reference the market value of gold at that time.

62 years old and no criminal record

The detainee, of Spanish nationality, 62 years old, with no previous record, was placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction on Duty, however, the investigation continued to determine if the arrested person could be involved in some act, even more so by to find out.

The National Police carries out exhaustive inspections in the establishments for the sale of jewelery and precious metals, in order to detect the sale of these precious goods that could be of illicit origin, counting on the invaluable collaboration of the managers of these establishments. That is why it is recommended that citizens photograph their own jewelry, its characteristics and its recordings so that, in the unfortunate event that they are stolen, they can provide them to the Police and have more useful elements for the investigation. research.