Areca palm, the indoor plant that best purifies the air in your home

The inside plants They can add a lot to your home. We are not just talking about decoration. Some plants are a natural air purifier for your home. One of the best that can help you purify the air in your home is the areca palm (Dypsis lutescens), also known as bamboo palm. In addition, it will give an exotic touch to any room where you place it. We are going to tell you how to take care of it and take advantage of all its benefits.

Properties of the bamboo palm to purify the air

The areca palm is a plant native to Madagascar that can reach two or three meters. It is also known as the bamboo palm due to its resemblance to this plant. One of the most beneficial properties of bamboo palm for your home is its ability to purify the air. His purifying action it is so powerful that it can even remove chemicals from the environment.

How to take care of the areca palm

If you have an areca palm at home to purify the air or you are thinking of getting one, you should know the care it needs. First of all you have to place it in a place of half shade, although it can also withstand direct light. As for the irrigationDuring the hot months you should water it every two or three days. When temperatures drop, it will be enough to water it every ten days. In any case, the important thing is that the substrate is always moistbut not waterlogged.

The ideal plant to have in the bedroom and that will help you sleep better

According to the temperature The most convenient for the bamboo palm should be between 18 and 25 degrees.

Also needs humidity to develop properly. If you notice that the tips of its leaves turn brown, the plant is telling you that it needs more moisture, so you can spray a little water on the leaves twice a day if it is hot.

The three indoor plants that help you eliminate mold and moisture from your home

The three indoor plants that help you eliminate mold and moisture from your home

As for the fertilizerduring the summer months it is convenient to fertilize it every month with fertilizers suitable for tropical plants.

The best plants to purify your home naturally

The bamboo palm tree It is not the only plant that can help you breathe purer and cleaner air in your home. The sansevieraloe vera and ficus are other best plants to purify the air in your home.

Sansevieria is an ideal plant to purify the air in your home. pixabay

Sanseviera to breathe purer air at home

The sansevieria trifasciatabetter known as mother in law tongue, is a plant Very common in our homes. Its elongated leaves are very decorative and it is also great for purifying the air. Mother-in-law’s tongue is very effective at removing negative substances from the air we breathe (such as benzene and xylene).

Six plants that purify the air in your home

Six plants that purify the air in your home

Aloe vera to purify the environment

The aloe vera It is another of the easiest plants to find in any home. It is very easy to care for and is good for treating burns but it is also an excellent natural air purifier. Among its purifying action stands out for remove benzene and formaldehyde from the environment.

Aloe vera is ideal for purifying the air in your home. info

Ficus, as decorative as it is purifying

The ficus benjamina It is another of the indoor plants that help us to have a purer air inside the house. In this case it is very effective to remove formaldehyde of the air we breathe.