Apple stops sales of its products in Russia


Apple announced on Tuesday that it has stopped all sales of its products in Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine and that the Apple Pay payment platform, as well as other services, have also been “limited”.

In a statement, the company recalled that last week both RT and Sputnik were removed from the App Store for download and traffic and live incidents on Appel Maps in Ukraine were also disabled “as a safety and precautionary measure for users”. Ukrainian citizens.

“We will continue to assess the situation and are in communication with governments about the actions we are taking. We join all those who ask for peace”, she stressed.

In this context, the Ukrainian deputy prime minister, Mykalio Feodorov, has already asked Apple to block the supply of products and services to its customers in Russia, one more measure that is part of the international offensive to pressure Vladimir Putin.

The CEO of the American company, Tim Cook, showed in a message posted on Twitter his concern about the situation in Ukraine. “We are doing everything we can for our teams there and will support local humanitarian efforts. I think of the people who are in danger right now and I join all those who ask for peace, ”he expressed on social networks.