Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, the most innovative companies in the world (BCG)


Many of the Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2022 list are also climate and sustainability innovation leaders. In fact, a good number of them are among the first to adopt environmental, social and governance principles and establish decarbonisation commitments. Almost 80% (39 of them) are rated as the top innovators in climate and sustainability, based on global votes from their peers.

The greats of the digital sector dominate the ranking of the most innovative companies

For second consecutive Year, Apple is at the top of the list. microsoft move up two positions to second place, amazon move up one place to third Alphabet (Google’s parent company) falls three places to fourth and Tesla maintains its fifth position.

Four new companies: ByteDance, the matrix of TikTok (no. 45), Nvidia (no. 15), panasonic (no. 46) and zalando (nº 25), join the top 50. This year’s list also shows an upturn in the automotive sector, as GM (no. 42) and Ford (#43) are back in the top 50, Tesla (#5) and Toyota (#21) hold their positions, and Mitsubishi stands at number 49. The top 50 includes other companies in the marketing & ecommerce sector, such as Goal (11th), Walmart (13th), Oracle (19th), Alibaba (22nd), eBay (32nd), SAP (40º) or Tencent (41st).

As in the last five years of the classification, more than half of the companies on this year’s list are based in North America. But Asia-Pacific and China remain areas of growing innovation, with companies from those regions increasing their representation, from four and three companies in 2018 to eight and seven companies in 2022, respectively.

Ranking of the most innovative companies in the world, BCG 2022

Innovative companies are committed to sustainability

In its sixteenth report on the most innovative companies, BCG has asked for the first time about the importance of innovation for climate and sustainability. This study shows that, although there are large companies that almost daily announce their commitments to reduce their CO2 emissions to zero, the gap between your commitment and your actual capabilities to achieve it is becoming an issuebut innovation is the solution to reduce it.

“Companies are increasingly aware that innovation is a driver for their climate and sustainability commitments to materialize more effectively. At the same time, investors, regulators, customers and shareholders expect large companies and their CEOs to take the lead in making real progress against global warming.” Ramon Baeza, Managing Director and Senior Partner of BCG. “Innovative European companies, and in particular Spanish ones, stand out for their commitment to sustainability and there are many that are already taking measures to reduce emissions and eliminate them”

Nevertheless, only one in five companies is prepared to act in these areas, which requires incorporating climate and sustainability as a priority in its innovation engines, having the appropriate capacities and being prepared to develop innovations in products, processes and business models.

Companies that have made Climate and Sustainability one of their strategic priorities place a stronger emphasis on a number of aspects of their innovation models than other types of innovators: they are more ambitious, they identify areas to focus on , better manage their priorities and have clear performance targets; they also engage more actively with their partners and even with their competitors.

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