Andalusian fishermen warn of “mobilizations” if in the “short term” government aid does not work

They estimate losses of 10 million for the month that have been practically stopped


The Andalusian fishermen have warned this Wednesday that they are going to resume the activity, “test what performance gives” the proposal of the Government of Spain offered on Tuesday afternoon to help the sector and, “in a short period of time”, return to do An assembly of all the fishing brotherhoods in Spain to assess whether they are effective and if they take measures if they are not.

“We will have to take measures, carry out mobilizations that we will adopt in a short period of time once we see if we can or cannot bear it,” the president of the Andalusian Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds (Facope) told Europa Press. , Manuel Fernández, who doubts the effectiveness of the measures and criticizes that “the Government has not had enough consideration with this primary sector, which is weak and highly dependent on fuel”.

“The vast majority of us think that it will be difficult for these measures to be sufficient,” insisted Fernández, who is also a senior patron of the Punta Umbría Fishermen’s Association (Huelva).

The president of Facope has underlined that the sector “what it wants is to work, but obviously under minimum profitability” and guaranteeing that the sailors earn a decent wage for their work. “Let less than one person earn 1,000 euros, which is what the law establishes. If you are not going to earn that and the company is going to lose money, there is no point in continuing the activity”, he added.

Fernández has estimated a balance of losses of ten million euros between fishermen, shipowners and markets, since although the strike in the entire fishing fleet has officially lasted two weeks, he has explained that “from the first increase” in fuel to “from the day one” of March, the boats began to moor one after another, first the trawling fleet and finally the artisanal fishermen.

As an example, he pointed out that in the Gulf of Cadiz, of the 82 purse-seine boats that should have started activity on March 1, only 14 started activity, “the rest did not even leave.”

“Those of us who manage fish markets, facing a month without income, this year we are going to have a really bad time since, if the fishermen and shipowners have a bad time, the management of the entities that provide the service goes to the limit and a month without income with the number of employees they have and infrastructure, we are going to do badly in 2022”, he lamented.


For his part, in statements to Europa Press, the vice president of the Andalusian Federation of Fishing Associations (Faape), Alonso Abreu, has considered that the measures proposed by the Government are not “timely or forceful” because “they leave the sector abandoned to their luck”.

“No measure alleviates our needs. We will go to sea again, but surely, after checking the price of fuel and the market, we will moor again in a few days”, he pointed out.

Likewise, when asked about future protests, he indicated that “the situation has to be assessed.” “When we see the situation we are in, we will be able to make future assessments because this is a day-to-day”, he remarked.

Finally, he has asked the Government for “a guarantee” and “to have continuity in the medium and long term” because the main problem in the sector “is fuel”. “We want a maximum price to be established in order to be able to work without losses”, he concluded.