Amazon's annual sales grow 22% worldwide and its profits skyrocket


eCommerce has revolutionized the habits of consumers around the world, and while this sales channel continues to increase its power in every corner of the planet, the company that has led it in recent years has not changed: Amazon, which has presented its results of the 2021 financial year and that continues to break milestone after milestone in its history.

Amazon's annual sales exceeded 29,000 million euros in 2021

The accounts show a net profit of 33,400 million dollars (around 29,170 million euros), a big difference compared to the 21,300 million dollars (just over 18,600 million euros) that it managed to obtain the previous year, with which its Stocks on Wall Street had a 13% boost.

The retail giant revealed that it achieved a profit per share of 64.81 dollars (56.61 euros) during the 2021 financial year, while Amazon's annual sales grew by 22% to reach 469.8 billion dollars (410.3 billion euros) , a figure well above the 386.1 billion dollars (337.219 million euros) achieved in 2020, and also well above what analysts expected.

Third-party sales achieved 80% of the total sales of the great marketplace

Breaking down the sales of the large marketplace and according to estimates by Marketplace Pulse, Amazon's annual sales of its own products reached 210,000 million dollars, which represents 11% more than the previous year, while Amazon's annual sales in related to the third-party market reached 390,000 million dollars (340,000. million euros), that is, 30% more than the previous year.

Thus, the third-party market in Amazon would be responsible for more than 80% of the total volume of Amazon's annual sales , and in just two years this volume has almost doubled from 200,000 million dollars (174,600 million euros ) in 2019 to 390,000 million dollars (340,000 million euros) in 2021.

To have a more precise comparison, Amazon's annual sales in this exercise were much higher than the total eCommerce sales that Walmart and eBay had worldwide. Not to mention that in the three years it took Amazon to double its total sales, it also doubled its fulfillment service, employing more than a million workers to reach 1.6 million.

It is undeniable that despite the problems that Amazon has presented with consumers, sellers, reviews, competitors and some governments, the great marketplace has taken a place that will be very difficult to change, and if it continues on this path, the annual sales of Amazon could easily reach a billion dollars in less than five years.

Amazon advertising through the roof: it got more than 27,000 million euros in 2021

Beyond its good results for its annual sales, for the first time in its history Amazon shared the results of its advertising business during 2021, and it was not a light surprise since the retail giant obtained no less than 31.2 billion dollars (little more than 27,250 million euros) for advertising during the last year.

According to the company, this result showed an increase in billing of 32% during the last quarter of the year , something that is not very difficult to believe considering that the Black Friday and Christmas campaigns are the highlight of sales for many companies.

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Although this figure was unknown until now, it shows us an Amazon much more powerful than we thought. Although it barely covers 7% of the retail giant's profits, they place the company as third in advertising revenue , only behind Facebook (with around 118,000 million dollars billed in 2021) and Google (149,000 million dollars). by advertising in 2021), and above Netflix ($29.7 billion in 2021) and YouTube ($28.8 billion).

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