Amazon tests a new recommendation feed and joins the list of platforms that copy TikTok


The name of the next summer soap opera will be “Everyone wants with TikTok”. And, it is that, the Chinese social network has not only changed the way in which users are entertained, it is also revolutionizing the way of buying. The e-commerce giant Amazon is now joining the long list of platforms that want to look like TikTok.

The Israeli platform specialized in artificial intelligence, Watchful, has revealed to the American media Wall Street Journal that Jeff Bezos’ company is testing a new beta version of its mobile shopping app to offer products and services, with a strong resemblance to TikTok’s vertical interface and “For You” feed.

This new feed that bears the name “Inspire”, and that at the moment is only available to company employees, it will be located in the lower navigation bar of the application. When a user presses the diamond-shaped icon, they will have access to a vertical screen with Amazon products, where images and videos of these will be available, with purchase links.

It is common for companies to use their employees to test products and services, so it is not certain that this new feature will be released to the general public. What is certain is that its use will not be mandatory, since it would be located in a specific area, so it could be completely ignored.

A Amazon spokesperson has responded to WSJ, “we constantly test new features to help make customers’ lives a little easier.”

Follow in the footsteps of TikTok: right or wrong?

This is not the first step of Amazon to enter the world of social networks. In 2019 he launched Amazon Live, a platform with a format similar to Twitch and YouTube, where influencers can promote the products of the marketplace live. Later he created post, a function present in its advertising tools, which is very similar to Instagram.

While it is a bit strange that it now wants to resemble a social network whose purpose is totally different from its own, it is not as far-fetched as it seems. And it is that Amazon recommendations are extremely popular on TikTok, so it’s only natural that the company wants to bring them directly to its store. Thus, they can offer the same content, but natively and bypass the affiliate links that flood TikTok.

Now, the question is, will these videos achieve the same success as those TikToks where Amazon products are recommended? maybe not, well could be perceived as less authentic than the videos of the social network. That is, it sounds very false that Amazon recommends a product that it sells. However, it only remains to hope that this project turns out.

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