Amazon faces a fine of €5.8M from the Catalan Labor Inspectorate for an illegal assignment of workers


AmazoJust a few days ago amazon published its results for the second quarter of 2022, in which it revealed a bottleneck in its accounts, although light could be seen at the end of the tunnel thanks to the growth of AWS and Amazon Prime. Now, the tech giant is back in the news, but this time for not-so-flattering reasons.

The Labor Inspection of Catalonia has made public last August 11 a proposed fine against Amazon and various companies that work for the company. This sanction would entail a fine of 5.8 million euros in response to a illegal assignment of workers.

Amazon and 17 subcontracted companies fined for inadequate worker assignment conditions

In February of this year, this investigation would have begun, which has concluded with the proposal for a sanction against Amazon and 17 subcontracted companies, among which we find Ara Vinc, Tipsa or Randstad. The fine of 5.8 million euros would be divided into two parts, one applied to the technology giant of 3.2 million, and another to subcontractors of 2.6 million. Now, the sanction process begins during which the companies will be able to present allegations if they so wish, which will be resolved by the labor authorities.

The issue and what is criticized against the 18 companies lies in the Conditions for the transfer of up to 559 workers by the 17 subcontractors to Amazon. These workers were forced to carry out their work in working conditions that were far from those that really corresponded to them. both his economic compensation as the temporality of their contracts represented conditions precariousas denounced by the Labor Inspection of Catalonia.

Amazon has already had to face various sanctions in the past

The proposal for a fine that the Labor Inspection of the Generalitat of Catalonia has imposed against Amazon is not the first that the company has faced. In fact, the Generalitat itself has already issued several fines between 2019 and 2021specifically 22 sanctions were counted whose compensation totaled €1.1 million. The reasons were very similar to those that drive the current fine, they were related to illegal transfers of workers.

And, going back to 2018CCOO requested that same year to the Inspection to take measures before the behavior of Amazon in its temporary hires. It was considered that the company was abusing this type of contract. Likewise, CCOO also called a strike to give further impetus to their request. And, in line with the excessive temporary hiring, the union once again denounced this fact in 2019when Amazon opened its fulfillment center in Toledo with a staff made up exclusively of temporary workers.

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