Aloe vera, the most useful and easy to care for plant that you can have at home

The Aloe veraalso called aloe, aloe from Barbados or acíbar is a plant well known for its medicinal properties and curative and can also be grown at home. Inside its leaves it contains a very precious gel to treat burns and that is also used to make cosmetics. For this reason, grow an aloe vera plant at home It will have a double meaning. On one side you will have a nice decorative plant and at the same time you will have the pure aloe vera gel ready in case it is necessary to treat any burn or chafing of the skin. we are going to tell you how to grow your own aloe vera plant House.

How to take care of a potted Aloe vera?

Growing an Aloe Vera plant at home is very simple even if you are not an expert gardener. You just have to take into account a few details so that your Aloe vera plant grows healthy and shiny.


Aloe vera is a cactus and like everyone in your family it loves the sun. For this reason, you should place it in any corner of the house that is well lit, such as near the windows or on the terrace or balcony.

large pot

Aloe vera grows quickly so you will have to change its pot every year so that the roots can continue to develop normally.


Aloe vera needs very little water, what’s more, it can survive for a long time without being watered. So watering it every 15 days is enough. If possible, use rainwater and not too cold.

Decorate your house with cacti, trendy plants that need less care

ideal temperature

Aloe vera does not like the cold very much, so if you have it on a terrace in winter, it may be convenient to put it inside the house.


If you want your Aloe vera plant to grow strong and healthy, you should pay it twice a year.

Where to put Aloe vera at home?

Aloe vera can be placed anywhere in the home, even in bedrooms

Aloe vera contains a very useful gel to treat burns. pixabay

The benefits of having an Aloe vera plant at home

As we have said before, grow an aloe vera plant at home it has many benefits beyond the merely decorative. On the one hand, it is a powerful air purifier that absorbs harmful substances from our home and is suitable for any room. In addition, the gel contained in its leaves can help you in case you suffer a minor burn. Cut a leaf and put the gel directly on the damaged skin. You will notice immediate relief.

Is it good to water plants with rainwater?

Is it good to water plants with rainwater?

In addition to its benefits as a natural air purifier and as a gel for burns, its decorative character is also undeniable.