All the information you need to know about tilt-and-turn windows

The tilt-and-turn windows they are the most functional of all types of openings. These windows combine swing and swing opening systems in a single leaf. Both on the vertical and horizontal axis, this window can ventilate our space in a very easy and practical way to open and close.

In the situation of having a house with old windows that need to be renovated and that have different types of openings, these windows have the possibility of being a solution so as not to miss the previous ones. They have characteristics that provide unparalleled well-being and security to the home.

If we require a lot of ventilation, we have the possibility of offering the use of the swing opening. And if, on the other hand, we do not want so much excess wind, we change with the handle to the oscillating opening. It will change from a 180° horizontal opening to a 45° vertical opening. Which will reduce the passage of wind into the house by 70%.

The incredible advantages of tilt-and-turn windows

The tilt-and-turn windowshave different opening systems, the first is vertical, with which we have the possibility of opening the window completely on one side up to 180 degrees, and the second system is vertical, that is, the window can be opened on the prominent part it even reaches 45 degrees and the best thing is that both openings are made from the same handle, which is why they are aesthetically perfect.

Ventilation belongs to the views in favor of tilt-and-turn windowsbecause in the mornings, if we want to ventilate the room quickly, we have the possibility of opening them 180 degrees horizontally and everything will be ventilated in a while, and throughout the day if we just want to renew the wind a little or erase odors of the kitchen, with opening it a little vertically we will have enough.

In addition, we must emphasize that they are fully hermetic, that is, once we close them, we have the possibility of being completely calm that the temperature of the home will be maintained, whether it is winter or summer, for which we will be able to save a gigantic proportion of money. at the end of the month.

Another of the enormous advantages of tilt-and-turn windowsis the tremendous security that they offer us, especially if our children or pets live in the home, because once they remain in the home, we have the possibility of opening the windows only by the preeminent part, so they will not run any risk, and we will be able to rest easy.