AliExpress: Save Yourself From The Digi-Scam!

AliExpress: Save Yourself From The Digi-Scam!

A well-known brand, AliExpress is well-known to both consumers and businesses alike. Using AliExpress, business owners can start successful companies that sell a variety of goods. As a result, Oberlo, a mobile app that allows these businesses to market their goods without having to stock or manage them, is the most important factor.

AliExpress is a key component of many innovative companies’ dropshipping strategies. Using it is a breeze because of its low cost, simplicity, and abundance of high-quality options. How can you tell if AliExpress is a fine fit for your needs?

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What is AliExpress?

AliExpress has a wide variety of products from all over the world. Individual purchases or bulk purchases are available. As a result of the fact that many of the vendors on AliExpress originate from other nations, you can sometimes find extremely low prices. Corporations with massive inventories of goods can even use Alibaba.

As an alternative to platforms like eBay or Amazon if you want to buy new, but extremely cheap, goods you can use AliExpress. At the shop, you’ll find everything from jewelry and clothing for women to appliances and home decor.

AliExpress is a great place for online business owners to find goods to sell. AliExpress.com makes drop shipping, the practice of selling the product with order fulfillment managed by a third party, a cinch! Oberlo, a Shopify app, can help you find AliExpress drop shipped goods for your store.

When you use AliExpress dropshipping, you don’t have to pony up for anything that your consumers don’t buy. Oberlo’s suppliers will handle the shipping and wrapping for you when a customer makes a purchase. On the other hand, providing excellent customer service is solely your responsibility.

Customers and business owners alike appreciate AliExpress for its low prices, ease of use, and availability at all times. Generally speaking, this isn’t the best option for everyone.

Deliverance Time

Most AliExpress products have an expected delivery time of between 20 and 60 days on the product page. It’s also incredibly incorrect in my opinion, so it’s best not to pay attention to it.

AliExpress has increased the “Buyer Protection Time” to up to 90 days since the COVID-19 crisis began. In other words, you really had to wait 90 days before you could get a reimbursement for something that wasn’t delivered. In the world of online shopping, three months is plenty of time.

Most items arrive in two weeks or less, according to my experience. It only took two weeks for more than half of the 30 items we purchased during the 11/11 sales to arrive.

AliExpress Official Website

The Not-So-Likable Customer Feedback

Shipping mishaps:

No matter where you buy from, there’s no guarantee that the shipping time will be fast. Rather than just a few days or weeks, getting your internet purchases delivered can sometimes take months.

Goods quality:

AliExpress product lines are no exception to the rule that low prices don’t always equal high quality. Customers’ dissatisfaction is reflected in low star ratings because of complaints about defective or inadequately constructed products.

Deliverance of improper goods:

On AliExpress, the vendors don’t seem to put a lot of effort into ensuring that the right goods are delivered to the right customers. Numerous customers have expressed their displeasure at receiving the wrong item. Products that don’t meet the buyer’s specifications are common.


If something goes wrong with your AliExpress purchase, obtaining your money back may be difficult. A high level of customer service will be harder to achieve because of this. Many people believe they were defrauded.

Misplaced goods: 

Customers have previously complained about not receiving their orders. Getting your cash back can be difficult if this happens. It leaves you feeling as if you’ve paid for nothing at all..

Why AliExpress?

1. Low selling prices

If you are a business looking to start selling products online, AliExpress is a straightforward and cost-effective solution. You have the option of selecting from a diverse range of potential products for your customers. There is absolutely no need to pay anything until and until your customers begin to place orders as well. Therefore, there is less risk if your startup plan does not work out the way you had envisioned.

AliExpress enables businesses to get up and running quickly without having to invest a lot of money in inventories.

AliExpress Official Website

2. Accessibility 

Businesses who trade on AliExpress save a significant amount of money because they are not necessary to keep a physical storefront. You have the freedom to sell from any location you choose and to contribute to your collection at any point during the year.

With little inventory, if you notice something isn’t functioning for your business, you can simply make changes to the things you’re already offering to your customers.

3. Minimal Overheads

Aside from being cheap and simple to begin, AliExpress ensures that you will have the lowest possible overheads as your business grows and expands. There are no inventory costs or inventory control costs associated with selling thousands of different products.

In addition, you will not have to spend money on real estate or warehousing, and you will not have to worry about paying for staff who will pack and choose your goods because you will not be required to do so. Everything that you require has now been set up on the other side of the room.

4. Versatility  

Both businesses and customers benefit greatly from the vast variety of products accessible on AliExpress. At this incredible marketplace, you may get anything, from gadgets to fashion and cosmetics products, and everything in between.

The Dropshipping Services

Several months before the coronavirus pandemic drove a growth in cyber purchases by individuals, enterprises were already spending a significant amount of money on AliExpress. Why? Because acquiring the big quantity of inventory for your store on AliExpress is a low-cost alternative to traditional methods.

AliExpress, with a little bit of information, can be a fantastic platform for small businesses to offer their items at inexpensive shipping costs to a worldwide audience. It is, however, your obligation to ensure that you are working with a respectable company before proceeding. When purchasing for the first time, first-time purchasers should be able to identify the factors such as CE trademark info, RoHS, as well as REACH certifications, that can assist them in avoiding scams.

While there are various markets available, like Banggood and a slew of others, AliExpress is typically the most well-known for dropshipping because it is the most straightforward to use and operate.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to using AliExpress, there are various advantages and downsides. With a wide choice of products available in quantity at a fair cost, you have the best of all worlds: you save money and you get more for your money. When it comes to the other extreme, excessive shipment times can make it more difficult to acquire new customers. For customers, there is always the potential that their order will not be delivered on time.

AliExpress Official Website

Working with AliExpress may prove to be a difficult task for both businesses and customers. It’s vital to understand what you’re getting yourself into before making a decision. According to the information, AliExpress seems to be a secure site to do your business transactions. Do your homework, but proceed with caution and common sense. Aside from low-quality goods & con artists that should be avoided, there are numerous good discounts that can be found.

The good news is that many of the identical businesses are now advertising on ebay or Amazon too though, and there isn’t much of a difference in pricing between the two platforms. Even if it means paying a little more, we’d rather purchase via eBay or Amazon rather than AliExpress since these websites provide significantly more consumer protections than the latter.

It is always a good idea to check out the seller’s rating before making purchases if the item you want can only be purchased on AliExpress or if the price is significantly lower than elsewhere.