Alicante fills up again in the first Bonfires after the pandemic

Neither the heat nor the fact that there are two days left before the official start of the Bonfires have been an impediment for return the festive atmosphere. The streets of Alicante were filled on Saturday with thousands of people wanting to experience the party after the two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Residents and tourists began to crowd the capital of the province with the now traditional straw hats and fans in hand to withstand the heat, which reached a maximum of 35.8 degrees (Avamet). Shade was especially valued from midday until the beginning of the mascletawhich drew a crowd around the Plaza de los Luceros, which was once again the home of pyrotechnics in the last earthquake before the start of the official contest on Sunday. Music was one of the main protagonists, and various bands enlivened the day with traditional Hogueras music.

Luceros trembles again

The desire to party took over, above all, the foguerers and barraquers, who they began to close the racós and barracks in which they will celebrate the Bonfires until the cremà of the next day 24. Some, however, stayed halfway, since some clueless drivers ignored the signs prohibiting parking and prevented the commissioners from finishing setting up their enclosures. Of course, with patience, since the Band Entry and the high temperatures caused many festeros to leave work for Sunday. The plants, if possible, will lengthen even more. While the specials and the Official already began to occupy their spaces on Friday morning, the monuments of the rest of the categories will have to wait until Sunday and some, even, on Monday the 20th.

Several musicians play in Alicante during the day on Saturday. Matthias Segarra

It was precisely the square of the City Hall one of the busiest places. The most impatient wanted to see the completion of the plant of “Ars Armandi” and her childhood companion, “La terra en les millors mans”, who began her plantà first thing in the morning to escape the suffocating heat.

La Bellea del Foc Infantil, at last, by her bonfire

La Bellea del Foc Infantil, at last, by her bonfire

Most of the festeros agree that two years without bonfires they make the desire to celebrate this year multiply. In fact, after the mascletà, in many racós their commissioners could be seen making the first meal. Of course, sitting on barrels and other elements of urban furniture since most of them did not yet have tables and chairs set up.

Direct from the Bonfires of Alicante |  Latest news from Fiesta 2022

Direct from the Bonfires of Alicante | Latest news from Fiesta 2022

From early in the morning, the billboards took over a large number of streets in the city of Alicante. The spaces in which the monuments, racós and barracks will be located are from Saturday morning restricted to traffic as usual, with the usual exceptions for residents. Access to some garages, however, was blocked in those streets where there is no alternative due to the location of the racós and barracks, and some absent-minded user had to move his vehicle at the last minute so as not to be unable to use it until the next day. 25.