Alarms for single-family homes, what are they like?

More and more people are betting on live in a single-family house, thus achieving greater freedom and privacy in front of a flat in a community of neighbors. There are numerous advantages of this type of home, howeveror, there are other aspects to take into account such as security. And it is that there is a greater probability of intrusion due to its accessibility.

Looking for ideas to protect your home from break-ins? In this article we discover the best alarms for single-family homes, as well as other aspects to assess.

Investing in alarms for single-family homes: always a success

Living in a single family home there are several access points to the home, something that is attractive to thieves. Having an alarm for single-family homes will allow you have all those weak points monitored 24 hours a day so that, in the event of an intrusion, they can notify the Police for you without wasting a second. you will have for your home an anti-inhibition, anti-sabotage and anti-intrusion security system.

Also, if you complement the protection of your home with a video surveillance camera, security is even greater. And it is that you will be able to control everything that happens through devices such as the 360º mobile camera. By downloading a mobile App you will be able to see what is happening at all times in your homeregardless of whether you are shopping, traveling or at work.

By installing an alarm for single-family homes at the hands of experts you will get a secure connection, which will avoid technical problems or failures. You can connect to the Wi-Fi network all the devices you want with your consent and, all those unknown, will be blocked.

Al hire an alarm for single-family homes you will get protection that:

Point out and deter. By having deterrent plates, thieves will know that entering your home is not an easy task. Avoid and protect. You will have perimeter barriers and access control. Only you decide who can enter and when. Alert and act. Being connected to an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC), as soon as an alarm signal is given, the Police are notified in a matter of seconds. Watch and anticipate. By having control of your alarms from any mobile device you can be connected remotely and monitor everything that happens.

Other measures that you can use as a complement to alarms for single-family homes

Along with alarms and security cameras, There are another series of elements that you can use to keep your house always protected and give you extra peace of mind.

Magnetic detectors on doors and windows

These devices allow control when an unauthorized opening occurs on specific devices in the home. By incorporating magnetic detectors in the doors and windows of the house, sWhenever someone tries to manipulate them, it will activatethus giving an alarm signal.

This component is made up of a transmitter that has two elements through which an electronic commutation is carried out by having an external magnetic field within the sensitive area of ​​the detector.

Improve home visibility

Those Isolated dwellings tend to be more likely to be robbed and/or squatted. If you live in a home that does not directly face a street or highway, your risk may be increased.

On these occasions, make your home more visible (cutting the bushes, creating a path outside…), will reduce the options of friends of the alien, as they will be more exposed to being seen. In these cases, having perimeter detectors will be an extra for your security.

Keep the entrance of your home clear

Do not leave items such as advertising brochures, the mailbox to be emptied, or the leaves of the trees without collecting for many days. This can give clues to thieves that it is a neglected and / or lonely house. This increases the chances of intrusion.

Although it seems silly, Details like these can prevent a break-in and therefore your alarm for single-family homes does not have to be activated.

Another trick you can use is leave a light on during the day, or activate a smart device that works from time to time (electric vacuum cleaner, television, radio…), elements that may give the impression that there may be people inside.

Also, when you leave home every day, if you live alone, you can pretend to say goodbye to someone inside. If you have a pet like a dog, that can work too. In fact, in many cases it helps thieves think twice. This is another piece of advice that can help you. Equip your home with an alarm for single-family homes and the rest of the security elements, and be able to live peacefully and without fear of possible setbacks in your home.