Air conditioning: models and characteristics to choose the best for your home

The heat begins to be noticed in our country. Little by little we are reaching the summer and temperatures begin to rise. In the most coastal and inland areas, the thermometers will begin to rise and the need to cool off at home will be paramount.

There are several options to get the temperatures to drop in your home and the room to be cooler, from fans to an air conditioner. The latter is the most chosen in our country since they cool the rooms more efficiently and with less energy consumption.

Now, there are many types of air conditioners and, therefore, you must know them and their characteristics to get the one that best suits your needs and those of your home.

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Types of air conditioning

Split air conditioning

This type of air conditioner is the most widely used in homes since it performs its function in a simple way and is easy to install. It consists of two parts, one that is installed inside the house and the other outside, usually on the façade. This system takes hot air from inside the house to cool it and the outside system expels it to the street.

A Split Type Air Conditioner Shutterstock

Multi-split air conditioning

It is identical to the previous one, except that it has several units inside the house, spread over different rooms, living room and bedrooms, for example, but a single system outside.

Fan coil air conditioning

These systems are of air Water from which the water reaches them from a generator or an aerothermal system. They have a heat exchanger, which is responsible for transferring the cold air to the air that surrounds it, a filter and a fan that expels it into the room.

Ducted air conditioning

These models are usually installed in newly built homes in the warmest areas of our country. It has an outdoor unit that directs cold air throughout the house through ducts installed in a false ceiling. The cold air comes out through the grilles that are located at the end of the duct and that go to the different rooms of the house.

A model of portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioning

This air conditioner is a kind of appliance, similar to a stove, that cools a room where you install it. Of course, you must take into account that you need a tube that is attached to a window to be able to expel the hot air to the street. They tend to have less power than the split and tend to consume more energy. They are also noisier and take up space inside the room.

How to choose the best air conditioner?

Once you know its characteristics, you can choose the model that best suits your needs. In addition, we recommend that you opt for those appliances with energy class Asince they are more efficient, in addition to prioritizing those with Inverter technology.

You will also save energy if you choose equipment with presence sensor or those that can be programmed or control via mobile. If you have any kind of allergy Keep in mind the quality of the air filters and they will also help you keep them at bay.