Aerial work prevents fires from becoming more catastrophic, according to Ataire


Companies dedicated to extinguishing fires from planes and helicopters, in addition to other emergency work such as rescues, contribute to the fact that most of the outbreaks that occur daily are extinguished without becoming large fires.

The Association of Aerial and Emergency Works (Ataire), which brings together more than 80% of the companies in this sector, highlights in a statement the work of these pilots who help many of the fires that occur every day “not even They don’t even make the news.”

Despite this, in recent decades, climate change is bringing higher temperatures and greater dryness to the forests, so the fire can quickly become a major fire like the ones that have been taking place in recent weeks all over the world. country and that have already burned thousands of hectares.

Heat waves as severe as this will be even more normal in the future according to all global warming studies. For this reason, the forests will be more vulnerable and will suffer much more from water stress, causing the vegetation cover to dry out, which will help the fire to advance much more quickly, fueled in turn by the heat and dryness of the air.

“It is important to continue preparing for these new weather conditions that put our natural heritage on the ropes. Fire campaigns must start earlier, as springs and autumns have disappeared, being absorbed by longer and more intense summers. In addition, we want to express our sincere condolences for the pilot who died in Portugal, who was an excellent professional”, said the president of Ataire and forestry engineer, Ignacio Gracia.