Advantages of having quality custom-made mattresses for rest

As sleeping alone is not enough, you need a quality mattress that perfectly suits you and your needs, that’s why in today’s article we want to talk to you about the benefits. Sleep well, sleep well, good mattress and we would also like to give you advice so that you can choose the best mattress for yourself.

If you sleep well and use a quality mattress, your day-to-day life will improve a lot, which is why we believe that after using custom-made mattresses that offer you the best comfort, you will begin to notice some of the following changes:

It will build the central nervous system. Our immune resistance will increase. We will be able to increase production by 20%. – Our memory will be strengthened. Growth hormone will be activated. You will be in a better mood, you will see a better version of yourself in the mirror, you will increase your relationships with people and your self-confidence. It will improve our health and reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, infections, fatigue…

As you may have noticed, there are many benefits that can only be enjoyed by acquiring custom mattresses high quality.

What is your dream? We know that choosing a new mattress can often be a daunting task, as there are countless types of custom mattresses and different brands on the market today. It is best to go to a site where they have a large selection of mattresses and advise you to find the one that best suits you.

This is how custom mattresses should be depending on the sleeping position

Sleeping on your side: In this case, we need a mattress of moderate firmness because it must keep the spine straight and follow the contour of the hips and shoulders while supporting the rest of the body.

In addition to this mattress, you will need a higher pillow to prevent neck strain, ideally place another pillow between your legs.

Sleeping on your stomach: In this case, you should use a less firm mattress and a soft pillow to avoid neck strain.

Sleeping upwards: In this case, use a firmer mattress to prevent sinking into the mattress, and a soft pillow to prevent the head from tilting forward.

Putting pillows under the knees is also very convenient to maintain the natural curve of the back.

Thanks to these tips, you can go to Roca Matalassers in Sabadell and choose the custom mattresses right for you, because good rest is essential. Do not hesitate any longer, visit their store in Sabadell where they have experienced professionals who will advise you and guarantee quality sleep and rest. Visit Roca Matalassers, Avenida Concordia, Sabadell 2 or pedestrian crossing, Castellar del Vallès 12.

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