Adif awards the track duplication works of the Renedo-Guarnizo section for 46.7 million

They have an execution period of 40 months and will increase the capacity for the circulation of new traffic, both for passengers and goods.


Adif’s Board of Directors has approved the award of the contract for the execution of the track duplication works in the Renedo-Guarnizo section and other actions on the Cercanías C-1 line between Torrelavega and Renedo for an amount of 46,682,063 .57 euros.

The contract, with an execution period of 40 months, has been awarded to the Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) formed by Comsa and Cycasa Canteras y Construcciones. This action, which is part of the improvement actions contemplated in the Palencia-Santander Axis, is included in the Cantabria Commuter Plan.

The construction project includes all the actions on the platform, track and electrification necessary for the implementation of a double electrified track in the Renedo-Guarnizo section.

Likewise, it also contemplates the execution of other actions in the entire Torrelavega-Guarnizo section, fundamentally linked to the creation of new wildlife crossings or the adaptation of existing ones, the suppression of level crossings and the closure of the line.

As reported by Adif, these actions are planned to “guarantee a quality infrastructure in accordance with current requirements, which allows efficient operation and with adequate reliability conditions to maintain compatibility between current and future traffic on the line”. The project will allow “significantly increasing” the capacity for the circulation of new traffic, both for passengers and for goods.


The Torrelavega-Santander section of the Cercanías C-1 line, on which the duplication of the track is projected in some sections and other actions, has been divided into four sections for its execution: Torrelavega-Renedo, Renedo-Guarnizo, Guarnizo- Muriedas and Muriedas-Santander.

The project includes, among other actions, the adaptation of structures (both underpasses and overpasses), work on the platform and track, drainage of the new track, electrification (construction of new foundations, assembly and hoisting of posts, gantries and supports , laying of new catenaries, dismantling of elements that are no longer necessary, etc.), security and communications installations, measures to mitigate vibrations, suppression of level crossings and adaptation of the Torrelavega, Parbayón and Guarnizo stations.