Acciona Energy earns 363 million euros in 2021, 77% more, and announces a first dividend of 0.28 euros

Reduce your financial debt by 44%


Acciona Energy obtained an attributable net profit of 363 million euros in 2021, which represents a growth of 76.6% compared to the previous year, at the same time that it has announced its first dividend as an independent company.

This is a first payment of 0.28 euros per share charged to the 2021 financial year, representing 25% of the profit, within the gradual range of between 25% and 50% to which it committed itself with its IPO. last summer.

Its debut on the floor also allowed it to reduce financial costs by 46.2% and increase its gross operating profit (Ebitda) another 25.1%, to 1,086 million euros, according to the published income statement by the company in the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Revenue, for its part, amounted to 2,472 million euros, nearly 40% higher than in 2020, although in the United States it doubled, while in Spain it grew by 50% and in Chile another 49%.

The total investment was 819 million euros, of which 500 million corresponded to new generation assets and 113 million to the increase in the stake in Acciona Energía Internacional to 75%, carried out at the beginning of last year.

Last year, the company managed to exceed 20 terawatt-hours (TWh) of consolidated renewable energy production for the first time, reaching 20,093 GWh, of which 10,532 GWh corresponded to the international market and 9,561 GWh to the Spanish market.

In terms of installed capacity, it amounted to 11.2 GW, compared to the 10.7 GW registered at the end of the previous year, after having installed 557 MW, mainly 140 MW of wind power in Australia, 145 MW of wind power in Mexico, 209 MW of photovoltaic in Chile and 48 MW of wind power in Spain. The remaining 15 MW correspond to the Lloseta and Petra photovoltaic plants in Mallorca. It also had another 691 MW under construction.

On a financial level, Acciona Energy had a debt of 1,989 million, 45.3% lower after the recapitalization of the company in preparation for its IPO. Thus, the ratio with respect to its Ebitda stood at 1.83 times, a figure with which the company defends that it will be able to face the necessary investments for its growth plans and improve its investment grade profile.


Last year, it avoided the emission of 13.4 million tons of CO2 and reduced its scope 1 and 2 emissions by 44%, to 14,300 tons. The company made an additional positive contribution to the reduction of emissions with the planting of 74,947 trees, while waste recycling rose from 93% to 97%, waste to landfills was halved to 1,200 tons and the consumption of water remained stable at 0.95 hm3.

Looking to the future, Acciona Energía has ratified its goal of doubling installed capacity and reaching 20 GW in 2025, for which it plans to install 828 MW in 2022 and have a total of 1,928 MW under construction by the end of the year, which will allow it to accelerate growth in installed capacity during 2023.

In addition to having a portfolio under construction and insured of 3.1 GW, it has a portfolio under development of 4.6 GW and an additional 9.7 GW in advanced development. This total portfolio of 17.4 GW would provide a “large margin” to meet the goal of reaching 20 GW in 2025.