A man sweeps TikTok for giving wads of money to homeless people

Are we facing a new Robin Hood? This is the question that the homeless people who Peter Bond has given away wads of cash to the surprise of them and their followers in TikTok who have been able to follow the exploits of this generous citizen through Peter’s profile.

His videos, how could it be otherwise, have gone viral on this social network and already have over a million views and over 16 million likes. They show how Peter Bond approaches a homeless man to whom he gives the cash then quickly move away from the place, without waiting to see the surprise reaction and joy that so much money brought to the homeless that they were slow to process the sudden good fortune.


Kindness is contagious ❤️

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In his TikTok profile he already warns, he defines himself as a content creator and ensures: “Donating money from my savings :)”. His followers, who already amount to more than 623,000 on TikTok, they know Peter’s good work and applaud his solidarity initiatives that continue day by day on this social network.

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In his publications he intends spread solidarity and for this, he uses short videos but in addition to phrases like these: “Kindness is contagious ❤️”, “You’re welcome :)” or this other one that explains how he bought food in a food truck to be able to give the person the money business manager: “I didn’t really want the food. I just bought it to help support their business 😊”


You’re welcome 🙂

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Everyone doesn’t know the main reason for which this young man gives money to the most needy people, it is easy to think that it can be a way to gain prominence in this social network since he defines himself as a content creator and for them, to have followers and reach the virality in social networks is very important, but is it really important Know the reasons that lead you to carry out acts of solidarity that leaves everyone’s mouth open? Perhaps in this case his act of preaching and do good for the underprivileged is more important than the reasons that lead them to do so and what is indisputable is that this type of content on a social network frequented by millions of teenagers is, without a doubt, a great example for them.