A family with three children, evicted from their home in a neighborhood in Ibiza

A family of five members, three of them childrenHe had to Leave first thing in the morning your home of the last two years in Vista Alegre street, in the neighborhood of sa Penya (Ibiza), after the effective eviction by court order. The family had lived in the house for about 2 years, presumably as squatters, according to some testimonials. “It’s a shame. It’s a family with three small children, let’s see if they can give them a solution,” laments a neighbor in the area. Besides, the father has one disability auditory recognized.

Around half past nine this Monday morning, the family finished removing the last bags with all their belongings from what had been their home for the last two years, in the presence of agents of the National, Local and of three social workers. What they couldn’t take they distributed it among the neighbors: mattresses, furniture and other items that are difficult to transport: “The family has started to load everything in the taxi provided by the city council and they have left. Of course, everything that they have not been able to take has been distributed among the neighbors” says one of the witnesses.

According to various testimonies, the family, who did not want photos or give their testimony, lived there for more than two years: “In this house (on the top floor of the building) they had been around two years. Before they were here I think they were downstairs, which is another independent dwelling. At the time we even thought they had been connected” says a neighbor.

House wrecked in minutes

Once the family has left for their new provisional residence, in an aparthotel provided by the Ibiza Town Hall, one of the local policemen has put a padlock on the door to prevent anyone from entering, but it has lasted a short time intact. “At 9.30 we put a padlock to prevent anyone else from accessing the house. But, in a matter of an hour, they have broken the padlock and some people have entered the house, destroying it completely. They have thrown eggs on the floor, they have clogged the bathroom and they have caused such serious damage that, if someone wants to move into the house, they have to almost completely rehabilitate it first, “said the agent.

Vila, through Social Services, has provided the family with a alternative to avoid being left on the street. “From the City Council we are aware of the situation of this family, since they have been in contact with social services for a long time and from now on, they will move to an aparthotel and, later, they will reside in one of the social emergency floors of the Municipal Reception Service This resource is temporary, and the technicians will carry out a work plan in order to achieve the autonomy of the family and its independence from the service”, explained a Vila spokesperson.

The maternal grandfather has been in charge of picking up the two dogs of the family, who will now live with him.

Once the house is empty, municipal workers have boarded up the door to prevent it from being squatted.