A 13-year-old girl was injured in an alligator attack in Florida

A 13-year-old girl was injured this Sunday by an alligator attack in Florida, a state where this month an 80-year-old woman who fell into a lagoon died after being attacked by two of those reptiles and a man suffered serious injuries when he was bitten by another.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) of Florida reported Monday that the latest attack was recorded this weekend in Hardee County, andn Central Florida.

The incident occurred near a boat ramp in the Gardner areain the town of Zolfo Springs, in western Florida.

The teenager was hospitalized for her injuries but her life is not in danger and she remains in a stable condition., as reported by the Tampa channel WSTP. A team specialized in hunting these reptiles was sent to the scene of the incident while the investigation continues.

This weekend’s attack adds to the one suffered last Wednesday by a man in Manatee County, on the west coast of Florida, in which he was seriously injured. The man, identified as Eric Merda, 43, was attacked by an alligator in a camping area, according to data provided by the FWC.

20 documented deaths

An elderly woman from Englewood, on the southwest coast of Florida, had died a week earlier by falling into a pond and being bitten by two alligators. The two animals responsible for the death of 80-year-old Rose Wiegand were later euthanized by FWC officials.

According to a witness, the woman accidentally fell into a pond on the golf course, close to your house. The woman became the third death from alligator attacks this year in the United States after another death in Florida of a man on May 31 and another man near a lagoon in South Carolina on June 24.

Florida is home to a large population of alligators due to multiple encounters of these reptiles with humans near their homes, golf courses or highways. Fatal attacks are, however, rare in the state of Florida.

According to FWC data on human-alligator interactions, since 1948 there have been more than 20 documented cases of death of people due to attacks by these reptiles in Florida. The state of Florida has a population of alligators that is currently estimated at 1.3 million specimens of all sizes and distributed throughout the 67 counties of this territory in the southeastern United States.