6 keys to optimizing your branded content on TikTok… according to TikTok


In recent years, micro-video content has been the king of social networks, and among all of them TikTok is crowned the undisputed leader, a platform on which all brands must have a presence, but do Getting your branded content featured on TikTok isn’t always that easy.

Although this social network brings together millions of users from all over the world, its huge video base continues to grow every day, and we must also take into account that simply competing for customer attention is not the right way to build a relationship lasting and significant with your brand.

That is why the Bytedance social network has shared with us the keys to optimizing your brand content on TikTok, videos that manage to involve and encourage users to participate with your brand, and offer a vision of value to your products or services as a means to enrich the lives of your target customers.

6 keys that will help optimize your brand content on TikTok

TikTok has conducted a study through its Brand Lift metrics system where it shows us how brands can boost their content on the social network. In general, TikTok shares 6 keys with us.

1. Combine your own content with content from creators for maximum impact

We know that both branded content and content made by creators in general work well individually. However, the social network ensures that using them in the same campaign generates the maximum impact on the recall of the campaigns. In addition, one point that should not be forgotten is that local creators have been shown to perform better.

2. Allow creators to interact with the product and offer information about it

In addition to creating content that is entertaining, creators can share product information such as usage tutorials, benefits, unboxing, and other videos that help improve ad recall and brand bonding. The study ensures that when a creative offers information about the product, the memory of the campaign increases by more than 4 points and the link with the brand by more than 10.

3. Don’t forget the music: include songs and combine them with voiceovers

We know that you typically include sounds with your video, but research found that videos that include songs (with lyrics) get two more points in ad recall compared to those that do not have songs, that is, that only include music or jingles.

The impact of the songs is amplified when they are accompanied by voiceovers (+3 points), and in addition, a personalized combination of song and voiceover offers eight more points in the link with the brand.

4. Include a well-known character to boost ad recall

Content that includes characters, whether real people or animated characters, provide stronger brand impact than those who don’t, according to the TikTok study.

5. Don’t leave the mark at the end: include 3 to 5 mark signs

The study found that there is a 17-point drop in the ad’s association with a brand when its presence is left to last. The general rule should be to include 3-5 brand cues including logo, product, sound cues, jingles, or brand ambassadorswhich increases recall by 14 points.

6. Highlight your product offer

In your content, you should highlight the offer or advantage of your product, for example: “Cheetos is 10% bigger”, or the properties of the product, for example “Clorox kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria”. The highlighting the product offer can amplify both ad recall (+3 points) as well as the link with the brand (+9 points).

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