52 municipalities of the Marina and l’Alacantí will promote domestic composting among their citizens

Promote composting to further reuse waste generated by citizens, in this case organic, and reduce the footprint we leave on the environment. The Consorci Mare, of which the 52 municipalities that make up the two regions of the Navy as well as El Campellohas delivered this Wednesday 500 composters among the city councils of the same to promote this practice.

The act, which took place in the Benidorm transfer plantwas chaired by the president of the Consorci Mare, José Vicente Ferriz, who is also the mayor of Orxeta, who stressed that the most important thing is collect organic matter separately at home to be able to treat it in a segregated manner and guarantee the figures set by the European Union in terms of separate collection of bio-waste. “Composting is a way of initiate this separate treatmentalthough the municipalities can and should combine it with brown containers of sidewalk according to the typology of each locality”, Ferriz highlighted.

The Consorci Mare approves a budget of 15.5 million euros for waste management

In addition, the president of the consortium has announced that this organization is going to accompany the municipalities in this composting process, since it is going to put disposition of technicians and municipal personnel andResponsible for the composting of the entity’s environmental education team, so that it can resolve doubts and carry out an appropriate follow-up so that the process is carried out in the appropriate conditions.

During the meeting it was also proposed to start this composting program in the schools to introduce students to the values ​​that composting promotes to care for the environment and promote the circular economy.

Benidorm transfer plant. AXEL ALVAREZ

The General Director of Quality and Environmental Education of the Generalitat, Joan Piquer, also participated in the meeting and pointed out that for composting to work it must also get involved citizens and apply a lot of common sense. To this end, he has highlighted the work of the Consorci Mare in supporting and accompany the municipalities in this work, which will start in the next few weeks.

The province generates the first compost for commercial use thanks to the selective collection of the organic fraction

The province generates the first compost for commercial use thanks to the selective collection of the organic fraction

The representatives of the 52 municipalities belonging to the consortium have received a Comprehensive training on home composting in charge of an environmental education team, who has explained what type of matter to deposit inside, how to mix bio-waste with dry matter so that composting is a success and how to carry out quality composting work that results in optimal compost for him fertilizer for the fields in the area.

Next, the public representatives have asked questions and have been able to collect a package with the necessary elements to be able to compost: composters, manual aerators and thermometers to be able to control the work in a simple way.