5 reasons why you should bet on privacy in your eCommerce


Having a good product or service is no longer enough. Consumers now demand socially conscious brands that support and share their values, care about the environment and get in on the action. Gone are those neutral companies that stayed on the sidelines. Today consumers demand involvement. At least, this is what emerges from the report “A purpose for all” carried out by Hotwire and Kitchen at the end of 2021, in which 66% of those surveyed considered it important that the brands they consume have a purpose, compared to 59% who thought the same in 2020.

The main issues that concern consumers are the environment, political and economic problems, equality, as well as data protection and respect for privacy. We will focus on these last two in detail to address how your eCommerce can become privacy friendly and attract more customers.

Why privacy has become so important

This should not be the question but when has it ceased to be relevant? At what point have we people stopped considering our personal data valuable to share it quietly with applications, social networks, electronic devices or businesses? There was a time when any brand would request massive amounts of unnecessary data, with the ultimate goal of marketing it. Fortunately, the tables are turning and more and more people and brands are advocating for respect for privacy and for establishing ethical relationships between both parties.

With this new movement, many electronic stores are attracting new customers who are looking for spaces where they feel safe when making purchases and with whom they establish relationships based on trust.

Why become a brand that respects privacy

We could list many reasons, but the most important ones are summarized in five essential aspects. With them, you will improve the value of your brand, attract and, most importantly, retain your customers.

1. Improve the credibility of the online store

Any successful relationship must be based on honesty between both parties. This applies to everything, including online stores. For this reason, through honesty with your clients and respect for their privacy, you will be able to improve your reputation and credibility with them.

2. Establish a relationship of trust between consumer and brand

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, be it personal or business. For this reason, the customer must perceive that he is an equal, that you are there to offer him what he needs and help him in the purchase process.

3. Create a safer environment for customers

The client needs a space where they feel free and safe to carry out their searches and find the product or service they want, knowing that their personal data will not be stored or marketed with them.

4. Comply with data protection regulations

It is no longer only necessary to comply with the RGPD, but also with the European regulations that regulate the processing of personal data and other certifications on security and information. Failure to comply with any of them may result in fines. Therefore, respecting privacy is an advantage for both the client and the brand.

5. Respect customers

The last reason, but not the least important, is respect for the consumer. Brands and people are recovering their social awareness and it is reflected in the way they relate to each other, through mutual respect and trust.

Now, how do you get an online store that respects the privacy of its customers? The answer is simpler than it seems, since search engines such as Motive Commerce Search can be found on the market, a ready-to-use Plug & Play solution that allows you to create spaces free of cookies, without tracking and without data collection. It also has a careful design that allows an intuitive search, a feature that only adds value to the online store. In addition, you can now find Motive.co’s advanced search tool pre-integrated in PrestaShop, for a faster and easier installation.

As you can see, Motive Commerce Search is a very practical way to take the next step and create unique shopping experiences that respect customer privacy. Now it’s your turn to answer, do you want to join the conscientious brands that advocate for privacy? The moment is now!

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