5 ideas to give your terrace a radical change without spending a lot of money

With the arrival of good weather we begin to give more use to those spaces in our home that we don’t even step on in winter: the terrace or the balcony. Whether they are large or small, you can get a lot out of these rooms and make them very cozy, you just have to take into account a few details.

In this article we already tell you the keys to decorate a small terrace and make the most of it. Thus, a table and chairs, correct lighting and plants became essential aspects to achieve a harmonious and beautiful space.

If you already have your terrace or balcony decorated but you want to give it a radical change and not spend a lot of money, we are going to offer you some proposals to make it look completely new.

The perfect Aldi parasol for small terraces costs less than 25 euros

Renovate your terrace at Ikea

At Ikea we always find articles or products that can help us with these changes and in which we will not leave our salary. If you want to start big with this radical change you can always change the furniture that you have more worn for new ones.

By 45 euros you have the Tarno table and two chairs set, ideal for small terraces or where you don’t want to mortgage too much space. If there are more of you at home or you receive many visitors and want to spend a pleasant time outdoors, from the same line you have the table with four chairs for 114 euros. This is the cheapest option at Ikea for this size.

If the piece of furniture you want to change is the sofa, for less than 100 euros you will have the problem solved with the Ingmarso, a sofa for two people in white, simple and easy to assemble and that will cost you 89 euros.

Renew your terrace with a table and some chairs, changing the floor or decorating with an IKEA ESPAÑA rug

If you haven’t set your sights on sofas but still want a radical change, look below. Yes, to the ground. Change the ground. In Ikea you have several options and some very daring. If you are conservative, you can put artificial grass or imitation wood type flooring, but if you really want to break, bet on the Mallsten floor imitation of tiles and resistant porcelain. You have another design with white rhombuses, ideal for a more classic decoration. Both are priced at 35 euros9 units (measuring 0.81 m2).

Are you not so daring or do not want to spend so much money? No problem, choose an outdoor rug. This way you will also be able to change the floor that you do not like, but in a different way. An always safe bet is the carpet Morum. It measures 200×300 cm and you can choose it in beige, light blue, dark gray or rust red. it has a price of 99 euros.

Finally you can choose to create your own vertical garden. You can do it with the set of artificial plants Fejka of 26×26 centimeters (four euros).

They are different ideas but they can help you transform this beautiful space for the summer. Cheer up!