48% of TikTok users bought a product after seeing it on the social network


TikTok has taken advantage of the celebration of its Performance Week to receive marketing professionals and share success stories, with the aim of confirming, in case there was any doubt, the opportunity of investing in marketing campaigns on the platform.

The Chinese social network presented at the event a guide in which it is presented as the ideal place for brands to execute their performance marketing strategies and make a positive impact. As revealed by data from the TikTok Marketing Science Global Time Well Spent report prepared by Kantar, the 91% of users perform some action after viewing content on the platform and, in fact, the possibility of them making a related purchase is six times higher than on other platforms, according to TikTok “thanks, among other things, to the power of sound.”

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The figures support TikTok

According to data from the social network, in the last year, 48% of TikTok users made the purchase of a product after seeing it on the social network, and 71% of those purchases were unplanned. In addition, 73% of users make recommendations for products they have discovered on the platform to the people in your immediate environment. Having a presence on TikTok will not only boost your sales but will also bring very positive results to your recognition as a brand.

Creativity, joy and dynamism are characteristic aspects of this social network: the content that succeeds is fresh and lively, which is why the performance marketing campaigns that are developed in it must share these features to capture the attention of users. . In fact, TikTok claims that 47% of the sales obtained through campaigns, corresponded to fundamentally creative campaigns.

The TikTok community is perfect for performance marketing

The guide developed by the platform seeks to help brands design successful performance marketing campaigns, as well as encourage them to carry them out on TikTok, which has over 1 billion users. Let’s also not forget that TikTok users are likely to share the products they discover if they like them, so targeting your audience on this social network can be very advantageous.

Furthermore, the platform claims that 42% of users choose TikTok to discover news. It is a curious and open-minded community, looking for new trends and products.

Entertainment is trending

Content made for TikTok should be conceived as entertainment, so that is not intrusive or breaks with the experience that the user is living on the platform. Creativity and authenticity should be key ingredients in a successful marketing strategy. On the other hand, the great variety of content on the social network itself and its own synergies that lead to the appearance of trends make it easier to design attractive content, since the network itself already offers a wide variety of options that work.

Sephora’s success story on TikTok

The social network itself has a series of marketing tools and levers such as interest targeting, bidding or hashtags for automated creative optimization, to ensure control and results.

Sephorathe cosmetics chain, is an example of brand that has already successfully implemented a performance marketing strategy on TikTok making use of the advantages that this network offers. The brand launched its Christmas campaign on the social network with the aim of getting people from all over Spain to reach its website through videos focused on Christmas wish lists and highlighting its products. Thanks to this, Sephora reduced your cost of acquisition (CPA) by 86% and your cost per click (CPC) by 53%, compared to previous traffic campaigns. This case demonstrates the importance of reaching the right audience and the impact this has on optimizing budgets, as well as how well TikTok can do it.

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