48% of advertising professionals hold positions that do not coincide with the category of their contract


The business ecosystem has been changing in recent years and within the new digital landscape, advertising and related positions are some of the most sought after. Bearing this in mind, we could say that we are in a time of growth and development for this sectorwhich is true.

Nevertheless, there is some resistance to the new charges brought about by these changes and their importance within the business landscape. What ends up proposing a devalued vision of these, even affecting the salary aspirations of professionals. Fillingthegap, a project born in Galicia that we talked about a few months ago, has as a priority to lead a profound change within the Spanish advertising field.

And in this order of ideas they have recently launched their Anonymous Advertising Salary Survey in Spain 2022, with which they want to give visibility to these points within the advertising sector. Points that demand attention from associations, groups, agencies and institutions to revalue this sector.

The majority of professionals in the sector hold positions that do not correspond to the categories of their contracts

Most of the representation reflected in the survey comprises professionals within the area of ​​creativity, so the results presented show a clear inclination towards it. In this way, most of the real positions held by the participants are between: writing and copy, art direction, digital content and creative direction, as we can see in the following graph.

Source: Fillingthegap

Based on the results obtained from the survey, around 52% of advertising professionals hold positions that coincide with the professional category present in their contract. This implies that 48% work in positions that do not coincide with the category presented in their contract. In the case of creativity professionals, a similar situation is maintained, betting more on those who do coincide (57%).

But if we talk about professionals in the area of ​​account management, this percentage relationship changes drastically, being the case that the vast majority (78%) hold positions that do not coincide with the category that arises in their contract. Of course, this presents a major problem within the sector, given the difference between the position held and the category established in the contracts; giving rise to inadequate remuneration for professionals, in addition to making the work carried out by them invisible.

Source: Fillingthegap

Advertising contracts are riddled with strange categories

Taking into account what we have discussed, we can infer that many professionals in the advertising sector are employed under job categories that are far removed from their actual positions. This situation raises the appearance of diverse, and peculiar, categories of work within this ecosystem. Such as: office assistant, administrative, draftsman, computer coder, web maintenance technician or even journalist.

Source: Fillingthegap

The use of these categories allows “playing” with the disposition of professionals within the Collective Agreement of Advertising; leaving them in this way at levels that may not be the most appropriate to their functions. A situation that, in addition, gives the opportunity to offer workers precarious salaries unrelated to their actual position and training. This promotes a ecosystem of inequality for Spanish professionalswho are affected by these bad practices.

Source: Fillingthegap

According to the presented results, two of the most affected positions for this they are the community manager/digital content creation and junior art direction. Which present contracts that respectively show a concordance of 39% and 44% between the actual position and the professional category of the contract.

But, to get the bitter taste out of the note and take it with humor (so as not to cry), we share a little video that mounted those of fillingthegap to make the situation visible in an ingenious way.

You feel identified with this note? We read you 👇

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