4 tips to get the most out of an online search engine


A customer walks into a shoe store and asks the clerk about some ankle boots he saw in the window the previous week. He needs them in black and size 38, he comments, and the clerk -wasting no time- goes into the store to look for them. As soon as he finds them, he shows them to the buyer, who is more than satisfied with the speed and efficiency: “Perfect! For a gift, please. That’s how easy it can be to close a sale in a physical store.

Now, what happens when the customer makes this same search in an online store? Who helps and advises you? This is where the page search engine comes into play, a tool that is much more than a simple magnifying glass. In fact, it is responsible for helping customers find what they are looking for and provide them with successful shopping experiences in online stores.

To give you an idea of ​​the volume of online purchases: in 2020 alone, the 23% of total purchases were made through the internetaccording to the report Electronic commerce within Spain made by Statistical. Since then, these figures have not stopped growing. This means that if your online store is not prepared so that the customer has a good shopping experience, you will be losing many sales opportunities or, what is the same, a lot of money.

What benefits does an eCommerce get from a search engine

With the right search engine, in addition to helping your customers find what they want to buy, you will also be able to find out how they behave, what terms they use, how they write them or what items are most or least in demand.

Some search engines add very interesting features, as is the case with Motive Commerce Search. Motive.co’s search engine provides unique search experiences without collecting personal data, meaning your customers will be able to conduct private, untracked searches.

Another advantage of having the right search engine is that the sales ratio of your eCommerce can increase thanks to the help provided to your customers. If they find what they are looking for, it will be much easier for the item to end up in the cart and then at home.

In conclusion, we could summarize three key points the benefits to install a search engine like Motive Commerce Search:

You learn how your customers behave. You provide personalized search experiences, without collecting data. Increase the sales ratio, because you help your customers find what they are looking for.

4 tips to get the most out of the online search engine

1. An always visible search engine

Would you tell a clerk to stand in the least visible corner of the store? The seeker must be located in a prominent place so that the client can access quickly and easily. If not, you may not find what you are looking for and go to the competition.

Also, this tool should accompany the client throughout the processmaking it easy to return to the home page or start a new search at any time.

The online fashion and footwear store, Inside shop, has worked on this aspect on its website to promote a more fluid and conversational experience with its customers. And for this, it has had the technology of the Motive Commerce Search search engine, a tool that reaches the market to reinforce the customer’s shopping experiences through design, privacy and data -currently available in Prestashop-.

2. Anticipate their search and offer related results

Your customer is getting ready to search for an article, but why wait for them to type the whole word? Make his work easier and, while he writes, provides related results.

This option is very useful to avoid downtime and to show the customer those products that may interest him, in some way, related to his search. With Motive Commerce Search, for example, as soon as a shopper starts typing the word “t-shirts” into the search engine, results related to “c” begin to appear. Useful, right?

3. It facilitates the search through synonyms

It is very important to keep in mind that not all people use the same word to name objects. Knowing this, that a search engine has the function of synonyms is tremendously useful, since it will be possible to find the same article from different names or words.

At Motive they wanted to go one step further and their synonym tool takes into account the most common grammatical errors or spelling variations. You will only have to configure the tool beforehand and, in this way, you will prevent the message “search without results” from appearing in your store.

3. Take advantage of Filters

This is another of the great allies of your eCommerce. Who hasn’t experienced that when looking for an item in a store, hundreds of products appear, get overwhelmed and abandon the search? Filters, well thought out and configured, can solve this problem. They help limit the number of options and help the customer find what he needs more quickly.

Do you still think that the search engine of your online store is a simple magnifying glass? Start taking full advantage of the most powerful search and discovery tool in your eCommerce.

4. Set the rules of the game

If in your physical store you choose the products that will have greater visibility according to your sales strategy, you can also do it in the online store. The Motive.co search engine has the «Business Rules», a tool that allows you to choose which brand or categories you are going to give more weight to in the catalogue. Thanks to this feature, you can configure the ordering of results on demand, thus helping to create better search experiences.

And remember, Motive Commerce Search -currently available in Prestashop- offers exclusive conditions for a limited time to those who sign up for Early Access.

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