28.53% of podcast listeners in Spain started following them in the last year


Today we live in a world where trends and tastes of people change in a second. In this sense, the iVoox Observatory has published its II annual report on the “State of the podcast in Spanish”, where he analyzes and understands the listening habits in the Hispanic podcast during the last year, confirming the rise of this audio format in Spain, whose consumption has doubled.

To do this, he made a survey of 2,951 users and took into account data from its own platform, as well as analyzes made to learn about the latest trends and developments in the sector. Currently iVoox has more than 380,000 podcasts in Spanishas well as more than 1.3 million in more than 50 different languages.

What are podcast listeners like in Spain?

In the first place, according to the report, the age group that consumes podcasts the most in our country is between 25 and 64 years old, with the main role being played by those from 45 to 54 years old (27.04%). 57.6% of listeners are men and 42.4% women. 78.82% listen to podcasts while working and 57% when studying.

As far as the academic and work profile is concerned, the study reflects that the 39.55% of listeners are college students and they represent the group with the highest consumption of podcasts. They are followed by users with pre-university education (27.44%) and users with master’s or doctorate studies (17.46%).

On the other hand, users who least listen to podcasts are people without studies (0.91%), followed by people dedicated to domestic work (2.47%) and retirees (4.74%).

How we listen to podcasts

One of the most striking data of this new edition of the report is the listening time of the podcast, which has doubled compared to last year. In this way, it has gone from an average listening time of 18.9 hours per month during 2021 to around 38 hours per month, in 2022 (9.5 hours per week).

And it is that 28.53% of users indicate that they started listening to podcasts in the last year (2.81% in the last month). 42.56% of those who listen to podcasts do so daily, which explains the increase in consumption of this format. However, the number of episodes that are reproduced remains almost the same, being 4.7 episodes per week in 2021 and 4.1 in 2022.

Detailing the listening habits of the episodes we find that the 58.73% of users listen to the episodes continuously, while 41.27% do it in a fragmented way: during the same day (19.68%) or on several days (21.58%).

In the same way, podcasts are part of the daily life of users, since the 56.58% of those surveyed have reported that they listen to them for more than 4 hours a week. In fact, the majority of users (53.97%) affirm that if they are interested in the theme of the program, they do not care about its duration. Similarly, 25.63% prefer long podcasts, over 45 minutes.

Listening habits and moments

Analyzing the way users listen, it is concluded that the podcast is a solitary format, since the 97.15% of listeners prefer to listen to them individually.

The timing of reproduction is also very important. It is true that they are distributed equally, but the morning is still the preferred time (58.44%)followed by night (52.56%) and afternoon (52.20%).

The favorite means of reproduction of podcasts is the mobile, being used by 48.41% of users. Far below is the computer (16.92%), the tablet (10.50%) and the car (10.53%).

One of the reasons podcasts have become popular has to do with multitasking audio, which allows listeners to listen to them while they are doing other things (71.73%) or where and when they want (71.05%). In fact, 50.61% of those surveyed listen to them when doing housework, 36.70% when resting and 35.08% while walking.

Regarding the duration of the content, 53.97% assure that the duration does not matter to them if the content interests them, whileand 25.63% prefer them over 45 minutes. Favorite formats are talks (59.76%) and interviews (46.08%). History and humanities (31%) and Current affairs and society (18%) are the preferred topics.

Advertising on the podcast

According to data from Ivoox, podcast ad spend is expected to grow 27.5% this year. In this sense, 64% of listeners say they don’t mind hearing commercials before an episode. 54% of listeners say they would consider a brand more after hearing its promotion on a podcast.

This trend shows the interest of brands in this new digital format, whose advantages are: emotional bond with listeners; click to play, when the ad is launched at the time of greatest interest; omnipresence, being able to listen to the podcast even with the screen locked; in addition to greater segmentation, impact and measurement.

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